Friday, October 14, 2016

1d20 Dangerous Urban Wasteland Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Among the sands, weird wastelands, and half remembered time trails there are many other travelers and searchers after the  strange & unusual. These travelers are often beings of opportunity or dangerous powers in the wastes that should be approached with caution. These travelers are often those who haunt the byways and paths of adventure and glory for their own gain. They're beings of means and survivors in harsh wastelands of the apocalypse. Often they are travelers from other worlds and beings of power who wear the shades or illusion of humanity, caution should be exercised around such beings as these.

There is a 40% chance of these travelers having some minor mutation or magical abilities, there is a 10% chance of them being far more potent then the players might be expecting. There is a 2% chance of these travelers having a major mutation or magical ability. Adventurers should tread carefully in the wastes when around these beings.

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.”
― H.P. Lovecraft

1d20 Dangerous Urban Wasteland Encounters Table
  1. A shade looking for her killers who have been dead over 200 years. She will attack if the PC's refuse her help. She has all of the abilities of an AD&D ghost but is not bound to a haunt. 
  2. A group of six 3rd level thieves looking for a quick victim to take to a local demon for a diabolic favor. 
  3. A pack of 1d20 cannibal midgets dressed in clown suits hunting for victims. 
  4. Giant spider preying on peasants between building ruins there are 1d40 large spawn lying in wait while their mother feeds. 
  5. Sewer slime moving between ruins. Being watched by a black wizard of third level on patrol for his master. 
  6. A lone hero looking for his daughter's killer, he is actually a telepathic mutant armed with a magical sword. 
  7. An alcolye recruiting for the local cannibal cult. 1d20 cultists lay in wait for the signal to attack 
  8. A mad surgeon 6th level fighter out to slaughter victims, he has a major mutation and is completely insane. 
  9. A seedy trader hunting the shadows for rare Fey creatures, he's actually a serial killer hunting victims down. 
  10. A wasteland princess looking for a prince, she is bored and is looking for thrills. Actually she's a shape shifting waster Fey creatures looking for victims. Very dangerous and completely psychotic. 
  11. A pack of 1d20 demon possessed cats 3 hit points each, AC 6, 1d4 damage. 
  12. Demonic mimes hunting down wizards with pairs of scissor 2 hit points each and 1d6 damage. 
  13. 1d6 3rd level fighters looking for a good time armed with short swords and little else. 
  14.  A group of 1d20 ghostly nuns mourning their own deaths and looking for victims for their twisted temple of necrotic horror. 
  15. A rogue succubus disguised as a wasteland princess looking for victims and partners. She has giant body guards who never speak and are very dangerous hand to hand fighters. They are actually extensions of her will. 
  16. An imp on errand for his black wizard master searching for a necrotic spell competent and fresh victims to extract it from. 
  17. A demon soul look for his next victim as it burns through the current host. The current host is a third level fighter and murder whose armed with a +3 sword called throat slitter. 
  18. A pack of 1d30 giant rats looking for a midnight snack 
  19. A wizard on a midnight errant looking to try to take his next victim. 
  20. Small caravan comes over the next rise there are 1d30 cultists disguised as pilgrims. They will take and feed on anyone they run into. They are are armed with 1d10 energy weapons.


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