Tuesday, November 1, 2016

'Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Space' - A Warlords Of The Outer Worlds Actual Play Report

The PC's in last week's game made a daring rescue of some fellow adventurers from a Martian cybernetic and processing facility on the outer edges of the inner Earth Martian empire & managed to escape. They're on the run for their lives as the Martians have put out a call into the inner world for their capture. Every bandit, bounty hunter, and alien law dog is on their case.

Meanwhile they've got a bunch of Martian manta ships right now on the party's ass and they've got atomic turbines to speed! Well what they don't know is that their headed right now towards one of the the Derro's flying saucer bases . There is a near constant state of cold war between the Martians and the Derro as well as several other interior alien races of which all compete for the mutant & near human stock of the surface world. What our erstwhile party of adventurers doesn't know is that among among them is a square jawed Celtic purple knight of The Uni Matrix A.I. God Urizen whose working for National Technologies Incorporated, he's been on a holy mission to track down & destroy one of the myriad vampire gods of Accursed Atlantis.
He also knows where a
National Technologies Incorporated fall out shelter base  and dimensional gate system is. He's been using a series of these bases in my friend Steven's other campaign is to get a beat on this vampire god.

Will the party of adventurers survive their latest brush with the Martians? Will the purple knight's hidden agenda be revealed and can the party of adventurers find their way out of this mess or will they clash with the Derro's forbidden and weird technologies?

Fair use

1d10 Random Encounters
Near The Warrens of the Derro

  1.  A patrol of 1d20 Derro in a mole machine harvesting purple worms and looking for intruders. 
  2. A party of derro adventurers torturing some poor wretch in a fungal garden. 40% chance of armed being armed with a sonic tube of destruction 
  3. An Amazon 5th level assassin looking to take out a Derro royal & perhaps a ride back to inner world sisters. 
  4.  Band of humanoid mutants looking to capture or trade for some of that sweet fungal nectar with the Derro. They have 1d10 slaves and are armed with energy weapons. 
  5. A crazed near human scientist  whose 'escaped' the Derro actually there is a hunting party of 1d6 Derro 5th level fighters armed with sonic shot guns 
  6.  1d20 Lizard men priests on a trade route to a Derro outpost armed with stunners and looking for trade. They have a wand of frost and fire balls for destroying enemies. 
  7. A party of 1d20 wight Dwarves former slaves of the Derro. 
  8. 1d10 Primal chaos touched mutant Dwarves who will swarm anything they get near and try to eat it. 
  9. Derro war walker AC 6 Hit Points 70 armed with a death ray with a forty yard radius and capable of doing 2d8 points of damage. It has an  1d8 man crew on board. 
  10.  Derro vampire lord with 1d10 human ghoul minions looking for more victims for his Lovecraftian lord of the undead nearby.

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