Sunday, November 13, 2016

1d20 Random Deep Wasteland Encounters With Cybernetic Entities & Robotic Princes Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Cybernetic entities have come into their own after the 'Fall of Man', these creatures with artificial souls & minds have carved out their own place within the wastes. Taking what they want and for good or evil they have become a force to be reckoned with. Many android princes & cybernetic warlords are some of the most dangerous beings parties of adventurers and outlaws can face. They often have 1d8 or more robotic or cybernetic 'improvements' and are more then a cut above the usual wasteland robotic rabble that many adventurers are used to encountering in ruins and other dungeons. These cybernetic princes of the wastes are often fighters of 3rd level or above and more then a match for beginning parties. Many have 1d6 minor artifacts or relic technologies. Here then are 1d20 encounters to confound and cause your parties grief.

1d20 Random Deep Wasteland Encounters
With Cybernetic Entities & Robotic Princes
  1. A wasteland warlord in search of his own kingdom to rule surrounded by a war party of 1d6 androids. He rides in a hover car over which he has complete control. There are 1d4 relic weapon systems aboard. 
  2. A war robot on a mission for his princely master, this entity controls 1d8 drone combat droids. Very dangerous to cross and with a mean streak a mile wide. 
  3. A robotic dragon in the shape of a black metallic prince riding in a sky chariot. He is looking for the ruins of his place of birth. 
  4. A robotic knight riding through the wastelands looking for his six brothers who have been driven into the wastelands. He is armed with a +3 sword and he is able to sense chaos, he has been driven to kill. 
  5. Assassin to a robotic wasteland ruler is on a mission, she is looking to kill a few humans along the way. She has the ability to hover and fly as a class C entity. 
  6. Composite entity from another dimension on a mission from his god seeks to slay one member of the party. He or it is ruthless and very dangerous. 
  7. A former human has had his consciousness up loaded into the very bowels of a war prince's chassis. He is armed and very dangerous with 1d6 energy weapons. 
  8. A former warbot has become an android after a series of adventures and now seeks his master. 
  9.   This incredible android is a wasteland god able to fix any device, he rules over four minor kingdoms and is hiding from assassins. 
  10. A former mutant giant has been transformed into a war android and he seeks to protect his former kind from a wizard who cursed him with this condition. Will you help him. 
  11. War party of androids seeks their former android master who was lost in the waste. They are angry and armed with energy weapons but are seeking help. They can pay in artifacts and expertise. 
  12. A former A.I. has become an android ruler of a clan of mutants whom are slowly becoming cyborgs but he needs a certain artifact will you help? 
  13. Wizard turned android seeks the heart of ruler ship from an extinct war robot and your help is needed. 
  14. Ancient vile villain has risen from the ashes of the 'Fall of Man' and is now on an extinction agenda against three or four kingdoms of mutants. 
  15. Cyber prince is recruiting for a dangerous adventure and there is consciousness uploading into android bodies are you aboard with this? 
  16. A former cheerleader is now a wasteland android princess and is seeking to unite four kingdoms but there are three A.I.'s standing in her way she seeks adventurers for a quest in her name. 
  17. Nine dangerous war robots are threatening an android prince's domain and kingdoms he seeks a powerful weapon to help take these bastards out. He is willing to pay allies. 
  18. An ancient army of war robots has been activated and is on the war path. A wasteland cyber prince knows the deactivation code to put them back in the wasteland grave yard. Will you seek him out? 
  19. A dangerous cache of weird technology has awoken an ancient power and its vassal princess of the wastelands. She is an assassin of exceptionally dangerous cybernetic and shape changing qualities. Will you seek her prince to put her back to sleep? 
  20. A cyber god has awoken and now seeks to slay all within reach. One a band of nine cyber princes can hope to stand against it. But several key relic weapons are missing will your party quest for them? 

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