Wednesday, November 2, 2016

1d10 Random Knightly Encounters In The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaign

Deep in the wastelands of Atlantandria many adventurers run across knights,cavilers, fighting women &men, and more from other planets, eras and times. These men and women of renown come from all walks of life and across the various cosmos. They are beings who are known to violence and pain but they also come to quest,battle, and find their fortunes. Often when adventurers cross their track they are on missions of adventure & glory. Here then are twenty random knightly encounters In the wastelands

1d10 Random Knightly
Encounters In The Wastelands Table
  1. A group of 1d8 Polish knights on their way to taking down a vampire lord and his minions. They are armed too the teeth but are looking for some companions. 
  2. 1d6 cavilers from another post apocalyptic world that are looking for a holy relic to help heal their world. They are very trigger happy and armed with black powder weapons. 
  3. A group of 1d6 evil knights on mutant horses sporting 1d10 mutations looking for victims to slay for their infernal god. 
  4. 1d10 minor 6th level fighters on horse back looking to start some trouble. They may try to recruit or murder you depending upon their mood. 
  5. A holy inquisitor and his knightly companion looking into a report of Atlantean demons in the area. They are friendly and wise but sport some dangerous relic weaponry. 
  6. A huge half giant knight from another Earth looking for his lost family sold into slavery. Very aggressive and seemingly mean but actually a kind hearted 7th level paladin of a god of kindness. +3 sword of holy vengeance. 
  7. A knight of the infernal dabbler of Kaus who is dressed in seemingly battered black plate mail but is wickly handsome & quite charming. He is actually a roiling cauldron of evil under the surface and will murder anyone he comes across for kicks, 6th level knight with a +2 demon blade.
  8. An Amazon knight of Lilith who is on the track of a coven of female demon worshipers from her own dimension. She is dressed in green plate mail and armed with +3 sword of the wastelands. She sits upon a mutant war horse with ram like horns. 
  9. A quietly deadly female paladin upon a warhorse armed with 1860's Colt Dragoons.She is on the trail of a black occultist named Nicholas Scratch The Hatchet Man. A psychotic black wizard who murdered her entire line and family. 
  10. A broken knight surrounded by his sons, this knight is actually an exorcist of ancient Atlantis whose spirit was broken by a major devil. His sons are fighters who are following in their father's foot steps and going to the nameless alien Hell to avenge their father. They need the help of fellow adventurers! 

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