Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Commentary On The Free Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Resource - Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Errata & Companion

I was quietly sipping Scotch & watching the elections last night with my copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia by by Aaron Allston and published by TSR, Inc. Its a great and wonderfully comprehensive book but there are issues with D&D black box.

Welcome to Wednesday and don't panic I'm here to help with some commentary on ' The Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia' first of all this isn't Mentzer Basic. This is another revision of the classic rules and came out in 1991, "
The Rules Cyclopedia contained all the major rules, compiled and revised from the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, as well as the Expert Rules, Companion Rules, and Master Rules boxed sets.[1]
However, the book's introduction on page 5 states that it is "intended to be a reference volume for those who already play the D&D game ... this book is aimed at the experienced user ... [it] lacks many of the examples and patient explanation you'll find in the D&D box sets".[2] The same year, a revised introductory Dungeons & Dragons set was released to introduce new players to the game.[3]

This was the second revision to the D&D rules.[4] These guidelines allow a player to develop and play characters from levels 1-36, and includes a special section on skills.[1] The book also contained an overview of the Known World (Mystara) and Hollow Worldcampaign settings"

So whist the results,commentary, celebrations,etc. played in the background of the television. I dug down into the bowels of the Dragon's Foot  site and came across a most glorious thing. A complete or nearly complete errata and companion piece done by Dragon Foot member Mr. Reaper. For those of us who are into this set of rules its very well done. It doesn't have a pdf but is available in two forms on the website.  I have to say this is one very handy reference book to add to the OSR pile of resources.  I'm sort of pin balling back and forth between OD&D, Basic, the Rules Cyclopedia,and cross comparing its been an eye opening experience to say the least.
There is a very good break down of the differences between classic  Mentzer BECM D&D and Allston Rules Cyclopedia D&D.
The fact is that the Rules Cyclopedia is meant for experienced D&D players, Mentzer D&D is the easier pick up and go play game. Anyhow my thanks to Mr. Reaper for compiling this awesome companion volume.


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