Monday, November 7, 2016

Free Original Dungeons & Dragons Resource - All the OD&D Monsters Excel Downloadable Spreadsheet

So last night I was poking around the OD&D forums, and came across a wonderful little excel resource by member waysoftheearth way back in 2011 created an Excel spread sheet of every monster in OD&D.
To say this is awesome would be an understatement, the man is a prince. This makes dungeon mastering a real treat at the table. Oh and the spread sheet includes the Thoul in case your wondering.
I don't have a whole lot of time today and I've got work strangling me with repairs and such I thought I'd share.

scan of the cover to the original Dungeons & Dragons set by Gary Gygax, (TSR Inc., 1974) Use covered by fair use for this article.

Basically you can design the adventures, dungeons, ruins,etc. that you and your group want. This is a great little resource & reference  for the dungeon master to reach into to pull from for monster stats at the drop of a hat. Its very well done and I really have to thank

Of course if someone was very resourceful they might be able to adapt these to Swords and Wizardry with little issue. Anyhow I'll be back on soon with more stuff.
Which you can download right here.

Alternative Download link Here

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