Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Commentary On Several Free Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Resources

Tonight's besides getting ready for the holidaze but I'm getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday but I was able to take a moment to grab some time with my D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Every rule from the Basic to Masters boxed sets is covered in a very easy-to-read format within this volume but I came across even more great free downloads to make it even a bit easier to use. Within the D&D Rules Cyclopedia is the "Balancing Encounters" table which, although optional for the DM, allows him/her to always create fair encounters that will challenge players.

I've spoken at length about the fact that the Rules Cyclopedia covers war and army rules, strongholds and dominions, the affairs of immortals, PCs becoming immortals, creating magical items, artifacts, other planes of existence, and AD&D conversion rules. I also find myself going back to it for AD&D first edition material from planning out adventures to creating adventure locations lately. I will probably use this title more in my AD&D campaign than any of the AD&D manuals I am supposed to be using
Yet while the holidays seem to be looming once again I find myself thumbing through the book. Planning rosters of adventurers, NPC's, monsters, menaces, and more. Tonight while searching through Dragon's Foot I ran across several really nice free downloads that can make a dungeon's master's life a bit more reasonable.

These include BECMI house rules in a second version that seem to make a bit more sense. A series of 1 edition that make dealing with combat a bit less nightmarish and they include a combat summary as well. Finally for planning out those rosters of adventurers there's a free party roster sheet. These can also be used to create a wide variety of NPC's at the drop of at hat.

Did I also forgot to mention that most of the major D&D monsters are in the book and that its back in print not to mention that there are rules for nonlethal combat for adventurers who want to do a bit of subduing of other adventurers who might come under the influence of some dangerous monster?  Here are several resources that might come in handy for BECMI dungeon masters

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