Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some Quick Commentary On 'The Pay What You Want' BECMI Retro Clone Dark Dungeons From Gurbintroll Games

So before the Thanksgiving holiday I thought I share some thoughts on one of my other favorite retroclones Dark Dungeons. Dark Dungeons is a BECMI D&D rules cyclopedia retroclone but its more then the sum of its parts.

So why is this a better deal then that Rules Cyclopedia? Well its better organized & its a homage to the infamous Jack Chick tract with the characters from the anti-D&D religious characters from it in the examples of play. In some respects its better then the original work because all of the errors and errata have been eliminated and cleaned up. It has
improve thieves' progression and incorporated elements of Advanced rulesets,thus allowing far more flexibility with other OSR retroclone rule sets!

There are several reasons why I love this OSR rules set :
  1.  This system can take your adventurers from basic delvers right up into divinity. 
  2. All of the weirdness and errors from the D&D Rules Cylopedia have been eliminated and the whole affair streamlined. 
  3. Its actually in print and easily affordable at fourteen sixty seven from Lulu
  4. All of the magick of the original without sacrificing any of the neat material such as the monsters, magic items, or more. 
  5. You can check out the system before purchasing a copy from Drivethrurpg. 
  6. A solidly balanced system for the construction of old school style adventures. 
  7. Monsters can be exploited for the level of PC's as needed. 
  8. A vast array of systems that can be used to take PC's from basic levels up to retirement and beyond. I love the way that Dark Dungeons handles planar travel and exploits!
  9. A system that ties in deeply to the old school but stands on its own. 
  10. All of this is under one cover and in one place from the get go.

     You Can Download
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