Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review Of Black Pudding #1 From Random Order Creations For Labyrinth Lord & your old school campaigns.

Black Pudding is a dangerous & brand new 'pay what you want' OSR fanzine for Labyrinth Lord & your old school campaigns. Let's take a look at the contents weirdness that includes black knights, catgirls, chainmail chicks, evil temples, & much more!

So whist the OSR continues on its merry way, I've been quietly following the efforts of James V West 's efforts with his gaming & designing over the last couple of years. James is the owner of Random Order Creations the creators of such great OSR adventures such as Howler & Winds of the Ice Forest.
I strongly suggest you pick those up along with Rabbits & Rangers for Labyrinth Lord, which I haven't checked out but I've heard through the grape vine is very good. Now there's been a hole in the OSR with the demise of classic era TSR 's The Dragon magazine. This one of the reasons why we've seen the rise of the OSR fanzine. Because we've had to become 'The Dragon' ourselves, basically the OSR has had to produce its own internal and external gaming material over the years. Then along comes Black Pudding Issue #1

Here's the problem there are only so many hours in the day & I've been bogged down with work lately. Then across my radar slides 'Black Pudding', this is an OSR fanzine with lots of good solid content and some great artwork.
Here's a little something something video of some of the highlights

Sure it looks fantastic but is it actually usable for OSR games? In a word, yes! The material is solidly done because the artist/author actually has a firm grasp of the systems he's talking about. The material in Black Pudding is geared for Labyrinth Lord. Here's a sample of the type of art, layout, & PC races your going to see.

For a pay what you want title it packs a lot into twenty four pages of OSR goodness and there's some solid material here including:

2 character sheets - Some really nicely drawn character sheets.
7 character classes - These are some great optional PC classes to add into the Labyrinth Lord player's options.  These are easily converted to your favorite OSR system.
2 one-page dungeons - To keep things moving for your mini one shot campaigns. Well done and very well balanced.
9 monsters - To challenge even the most experienced players.
1 book of new spells - Some great stuff here to add to the
8 NPCs - These are great to add into that adventure to hook your players into your next adventure featuring the Black Pudding OSR zine.
House rules to cover some of the optional material that one will find in the pages of Black Pudding

As a gamer its very exciting to see this level of enthusiasm on the part of a creator & artist who loves the hobby enough to produce this product of his imagination & then release it to the wild. The material is extremely well done & I hope that others will follow in the publisher's foot steps. There's actually enough material here for a mini Labyrinth Lord campaign and several lead ins for other adventures. The material here is top drawer. This is a must for an OSR dungeon master looking to add some quick & very well done sword & sorcery tool kit. Pick this one at all costs! Since this is a 'pay what you want' title then please throw the author a five or two so we can continue to see more top flight Black Pudding issues.


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