Friday, November 18, 2016

Review Of Kort'thalis Publishing's 'Slippery When Wet' Adventure by Venger Satanis For The Alpha Blue Rpg

There are dark times in the galaxy when a bunch of outlaws & sleazoids are needed to take on the worst scum in the universe. This is the set up for Slippery When Wet an Alpha Blue rpg adventure which has a bit of everything from space battles to dungeon crawling. Here's the thing about Alpha Blue despite the silly/sleazy names in the adventure this is one that's tightly designed & well written. But I think that unless your ready for what Venger Satanis is trying to pull off this one isn't going to make a lot of sense unless your into the Eighties sci fi vibe of the  Alpha Blue universe.

This is the result of the highly successful kick starter for the Trinity of Awesomeness that Venger did back in October

Here's the low down on Slippery When Wet;"This is a 4- 5 page adventure of sleazy space opera action in the 23rd century.  After a large-scale assault, the PCs hitch a ride on an underwater vessel named the bearded clam.  Their destination is the undersea citadel Aqua Vulva. "

It's made for the Alpha Blue RPG, but will be usable with almost any sci-fi RPG of your choice.  Ever wanted to play in a universe akin to Ice Pirates, Flash Gordon, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Space Balls, Heavy Metal, or some porn parody of Star Wars or Star Trek? "
So what's the party of adventurers in Slippery When Wet? Well a bit of gun running, double crosses, lots of space sex, and plenty of death if your players take some very dumb risks. Slippy When Wet clocks in at about fourteen pages & there's some great cartography by Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood design.

There is balance in the design work of the adventure & I don't really think that this is a beginning adventure for Alpha Blue rather this would actually be a good middle or connecting adventure for a party of experienced Alpha Blue players. Some of the menaces here are clearly very dangerous and could be retro fitted into some of the back adventures from the Alpha Blue product line. If you want to see what the Alpha Blue rpg is all about there's a clean version of the game with free quick start rules right here

Slippery When Wet adds in underwater elements to the Alpha Blue game and several minor factions to play as well. Some of these could be expanded upon to give even more nasty surprises to players as their time in the Alpha Blue universe gets underway. Several of the major Alpha Blue interstellar power blocks come on stage for the weirdness of this adventure. Remember this is an adult title so its not one for the kids!

Slippery When Wet could be used with Universal Exploits to be expanded into a full blown campaign with almost but not quite Italian Star Wars rip style weirdness throughout. This sort of an adventure is one of my favorites and my preferred way of running Alpha Blue has been with Crawljammer in the past.

These two game system really work well together & Alpha Blue's Slippery When Wet fits right into the background of Crawljammer. Given the free range of the material in Alpha Blue it fits into the Dungeon Crawl Classics fanzine ethos quite nicely. There are more then enough ways of exploiting this vibe to create fully detailed DCC funnels within the Alpha Blue universe but that's a blog entry for another time.

Do I think that Slippery When Wet is worth the price of admission? In a word yes because of the fact that so many of the Alpha Blue elements are on parade & its done with the bravado and sleazy weirdness that I've come to love from the game! Grab this one and get some friends together
to play in the interstellar strangeness of Alpha Blue

You Can Down 
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