Friday, November 11, 2016

1d20 Random Lost Treasures Of The Ancient Amazons Table For Your Old School Games

The influence of the Amazon nation though out the world has become a part of ancient myth and legend. Many of the heroines & blessed warriors were killed during the fall of Troy. They're treasures were scattered to the winds and the pages of legend. Many Amazonian knights, paladins, and warriors of their gods now quest for these legendary artifacts. They have appeared in the oddest places and as a part of some of the most legendary dungeon ruins in history.
Legends also hold that these treasures carry with them the curse of Hercules which carries with it a heavy weight of the ages. Anyone who does not ask for the blessing of the god will be under a minor curse when using these treasures.
  1. Hippothoe's Emerald Ring of Binding - This ring can bind any minor spirit that comes the user's way once a week to do the owner's bidding. The ring is worth 700 silver pieces but has been lost for centuries.
  2. Antianeira's Silver Dagger - A +2 dagger of demon slaying lost after spilling the blood of a half demon on the battle field. Worth 5000 gold pieces because of its historical significance.
  3. Toxophone's Staff of Srtemis - This staff allows the owner to detect lies twice a day, pick up the trail of enemies with a 40% chance of accuracy, and store two spells within it Worth 4000 silver pieces 
  4. Toxoanassa's Girdle of courage - A wrought girdle of leather, silver work, and semi precious stones. Worth 600 silver pieces
  5. Gortyessa's Gloves of Apollo - The owner is able to pick up coals and other fiery objects and throw them with +2 damage. The objects will not burn or heat the silvery bronze gloves. They are worth 500 silver pieces
  6. Iodoce's Prism of Reflection, this incredibly intricate jeweled piece of cut crystal glass allows one to have 1d10 visions a day when gazed upon under the noon day sun. The the beautiful piece of crystal is worth 700 silver pieces. Its worth over a thousand if the specially carved piece of onyx and silver that goes with it is found.
  7.  Pharetre's Torch of Aphrodite, this device made with a series of lenses set into a hollow tube of silver and bronze work allows one with the insertion of a radium power chip to shine a light onto any being to detect if they are under supernatural or dark forces influence. The light can also act as a 'cure light wounds' spell once per day. The device is worth 1000 silver pieces to the right collector or healer.
  8.  Andro's Ball of Mystery this weird clock work like device will have 1d10 charges & it can generate 1d6 3rd level spell like effects for its owner when the right combination is used. Worth about 979 silver pieces to the right collector
  9. Ioxeia's Weird - This strange whorl of gold, crystal, and gems set into an intricate piece of jeweled cage like arrangement allows the owner to create a prismatic spray spell like effect when the command word is spoken. The spray will affect everyone within a 20 foot radius. Worth about 2000 silver pieces or more. There are rumors of a secondary effect but that is up to the DM.
  10. Oïstrophe's Bracers, these bracers allow the owner to summon a small demon like creature from the underworld who will act as a wizardly instructor and educator once per week. The thing can also teach the lore of Hades and the wisdom of Hermes allowing the owner to become a cleric of either god. The bracers also provide a -2 to armor class and are worth 4000 silver pieces.
  11. Androdaïxa's Ax Of The Spirit - this strange ax like sword hybrid tool is made from the finest silver bronze and is a +2 weapon against demons and creatures of the under world. There is a 20% chance of the tool cutting the silver astral cord when used against astral creatures or those who have been using astral projection around the owner. The owner also has a 30% chance of detecting such individuals. Worth about 6000 silver pieces.
  12. Aspidocharme the transformed form of this Amazon priestess allows the owner to detect any divine energies of the gods as the statue cries when such energies are released within 40 yards of it. The thing will create a 20 foot radius zone of protection from undead once per day or night. The piece is worth 600 silver pieces to the right collector but priestess of Artemis will pay double for this object
  13.  Enchesimargos's Dagger of Slaying This dagger has a storied history of murder and warfare that surrounds it. The dagger is a +2 weapon of mayhem and warfare that hungers for the blood of male demons. The thing grows warm in the presence of these creatures and actively seeks out the hearts of half demons. Worth 400 silver pieces many legends say the thing has a blood curse upon it.
  14. Cnemis & Thorece's Embrace a strange metal knot of enchanted wire & jewels that contains the spirits of these two Amazon lovers. The piece allows a contact ghost effect once per day when the owner can seek the counsel of these two wise women of the Amazons. They know magic,sorcery, and can cast a legerdemain like spell effect upon any treasure. Worth 5000 silver pieces
  15. Chalcaor & Eurylophe's Shield An enchanted shield that will protect the owner from the power of the underworld and any of its monsters. The shield can also once per day banish magic with the light of Apollo. This shield will require a boon from the owner once every new moon. Worth 670 silver pieces because of its weird nature.
  16. Hecate's Mirror of Mayhem, this mirror shows the true nature of any being reflected in it & it can also act as a symbol of insanity as the power of the weird of the moon is reflected upon the soul of the gazer. The owner can also see into alien realms of magic and witchcraft. There is a 30% chance of some ancient hag or crone noticing the gaze of the owner and then tracking them down in 1d20 days. Worth 5000 silver pieces and perhaps a witch cult might murder the owner in order to gain possession.
  17. Anchimache's False Scepter - This scepter seems like a rod of command but actually belonged to the black witch queen of the Silver Amazon tribe. The thing has 1d10 necromatic and black spells stored within. The owner has a 20% chance of turning chaotically evil if these powers are accessed. The scepter is worth 5000 silver pieces to the right collector of such foul sorcery.
  18. Andromache the Queen's sword - This sword is actually a sword +3 with an ego and the soul of an ancient Amazon queen stored within. The thing loathes cowards and will cut anyone who is not worthy of wielding it. It does double damage to male demons and half breeds.
  19.   Antianeira's Golden Arachnid this jeweled spider is actually a mechanical body guard of its owner. The thing is capable of spinning a 120 foot long rope of spider silk and has a small laser within its abdomen capable of doing 1d8 points of damage to anyone with a 100 radius of the owner.  It has five charges when found and has price tag of 6000 silver pieces.
  20.  Andromache's Golden Apples of Healing These apples each contain one portion of the wisdom of the Amazons and will increase the owner's intelligence or wisdom by 1d4 points permanently! There are several Amazon warriors questing for these objects and they are worth 5000 silver pieces each.

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