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1d6 High Level Haunted NPC's From The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those who have encountered the supernatural or other worldly who are forever changed by it. Those who have brought back something deadly and dangerous from the other side of the spirit realms. Monsters, demons, and worse sometimes stalk those who wander strange and haunted parts of the wastelands.

Those who encounter such wanderers, fools, & adventurers live to regret it. These are people who have been forever changed by their brush with the other worldly and they will never be the same. There is a 30% chance of encountering such individuals of sensing the dark forces that play havoc with their lives.  There is a 60% chance of these people are involved with or wrapping up some tragic affair with the supernatural, the occult, or some form of extra dimensional horror. Often times these NPC's are avoided by right minded people in the wastelands because they are considered 'witch haunted' or 'damned'. They may be deranged 20% because of their truck with the dark forces of the occult or they might be rocks of sanity who find themselves vexed by forces beyond their control. They may be hired on at 20% below the going rate because of their bad reputations. Many deaths follow in the wake of such individuals.

1d6 High Level Haunted NPC's
From The Wastelands Encounter Table

  1.  The Countess De Lane - Her family was killed by a black occult coven of organ stealers and head takers. She is haunted & hunted by a pack of minor demons who want to add her soul to their alien hell. She has fought many types of undead & minor demonic threats. She is a 7th level fighters and has two silver etched swords. She is also very good with a pistol and a crackshot. She is prone to having visions of a bloody nature before adventures. 
  2. Marc Ryan Alison - A time displaced soldier summoned from the trenches of World War One whose fought his way across the underworld and is now pursued by a black cabal of Magus who want his soul. He has fought nameless demons and has a grudge with Orcus the demon lord of the undead. He is armed with his side arm, a rifle, and a magic dagger of weird aspect. He is a 6th level fighter and has seen way too much blood and thunder. Marc hunts for his way back to his paltoon and brothers. 
  3. Mercy Steele - An escaped slave from the 1800's whose become an adventurer and demon slayer. She has become a 6th level thief and crack shot with a demon gun which gives her advantages over the demons, monsters but its the demon that wants her soul that hunts her through time and space. She is looking for a wizard to free her from her curse of living. 
  4. Sirus Roui - A part time wizard and time lost sword fighter this adventurer is haunted by the ghosts of the damned he has slain over and over age for ages. He has acquired a sentient sword called Witterquick and now seeks to slay the ghost of his past love. He is a 5th level fighter and 2nd level black wizard. He will work for the innocent and those who don't mind the monsters on his trail. 
  5. Raza The Bloodless - This warrior from prehistory wanders the wastelands trying to return to his tribal homelands but his spear seems to find the undead whereever he goes. He has slain alien beasts, strange minor gods and is a quick study. Raza is a 5th level fighter and 1st level shaman whose been forced into the spirit realms far too many times. 1d10 ghostly horrors pursue him each night and he must fight them in order to have  restful sleep. 
  6. Draben O'Peece - A warrior from some alternative future Earth wandering the wastelands and trying to out run the alien demons that pursue him across time and space. He is equiped with a blaster, energy sword +3, and high tech armor. But its his quick wits and dry take on the supernatural that seem his greatest strengths. He is a 7th level fighter and is able to shape shift once every new moon into another's form for one hour. He often changes sexes and appearances when investigating occult occurrences. 

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