Saturday, November 26, 2016

Commentary On The Free OSR Adventure Resource: JN3 Saga of the Giants By J.D. Neal For The Basic Fantasy Rpg or Your Old School Campaigns

Need a high level challenge for your PC's? Evil been stirring in your lands and you need to bring the sword & shield with you to take on the monsters of legend in the Saga of the Giants!

JN3 Saga of the Giants By J.D. Neal is a free  high level downloadable thrill ride from the makers of the Basic Fantasy Rpg & it delivers the goods right out of the gate. This is a high level homage to the G series of modules previously published in 1978: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, and Hall of the Fire Giant King for AD&D. But this module takes off in its own OSR direction right out of the gate!
"Evil has risen and the countryside is in panic. Life in the rich, flat farmlands near the forested hills has never been completely safe, but now giants have arrived, ransacking
communities and waylaying travelers, stealing and killing anything they wish. Hundreds of the local
residents have gone missing, and no ransoms have been demanded.
This series of sudden, swift attacks has unsettled the local rulers. A call for privateers has been sent out,
begging anyone with courage and strength to grab the reigns and bring the monsters to a stop."

This is a high level affair divided into various mini adventures within the campaign each themed with a specific race of giant from AD&D. The encounters are well balanced and there is a mix of dungeon crawling and wilderness encounters. Saga of the Giants does a good job of mixing the lethal & the pulpy weird into its narrative DNA. The whole thing reads through like an old AD&D module of yore but has the OSR pacing sensibilities of a late two thousands game product. This means that the adventure clips along quickly but these individual pieces of the module should be played separately. There are more then a few twists and turns in this one. So if players have played the 'G' series then don't expect one or more of the same tricks in this module sure there are homages but using the same tactics could get your PC very dead. Make no mistake this is a homage to the G series of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules. Many of the classic monsters of the past are in evidence here from owlbears to cave crickets with more all of the way throughout.

JN3 Saga of the Giants stands on its own merits. The module has the feel of the classic series but takes its encounters in far more lethal and tricky directions. Traps, tricks, and weirdness abound throughout many of the encounters and PC's should they survive will raise levels quickly but by the skin of their teeth. There is an epic level feel to this module and it should be given its due on its own. JN3 Saga of the Giants is in fact a mini campaign on its own merits and could keep a party going for months. Just be sure to have some extra PC's on stand by!

Down load JN3 Saga of the Giants Right Over Here!

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