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1d20 Random High End Mundane Treasures That Adventurers Have Left Behind Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are sometimes when adventurers must leave behind valuable treasures, artifacts, relics, and other weird but valuable items. The wastelands of Accursed Atlantis are filled with hidden caches of valuables waiting for others to stumble upon them & uncover these hidden riches. Many of these items are left overs from the hidden vaults of ancient Lemuria, Mu, and many of the left behind spoils of war. Adventurers often leave these items laying around in dungeons, ruins or part of some forgotten cache in the wastelands.

These items often have storied histories dating back over hundreds or thousands of years, they often carry with them the weight of history as well a high price tag. The market of J'rusiu is one of the main clearing houses for valuable artifacts that pass into the hands of collectors. There are several guilds of middle men who often try to ply their trade of acting as agents for interested parties. These middle men often act as loan sharks or money lenders for desperate collectors for 40% plus interest on the price tag of such items.

Many of these valuables don't carry curses or any mystical bondage with them, instead there is a 60% chance of attracting the attention of a thieves guild or smugglers guild. Often these guilds will murder for such items.

1d20  Random High End Mundane Treasures
That Adventurers Have Left Behind Table

  1.  60,000 silver pieces for an exquisitely worked jade head of some forgotten king, the workmanship makes the piece seem as if he can talk. There is a cult of assassins after this artifact after it passed through several owner's hands. 
  2. 40,000 silver pieces for a chest of cast green gold & malachite which has a mirrored interior. The piece has been found in the deep desert in a lost city. 
  3. A worked hand of diamond and silver made from the stoned flesh of some ancient outlaw. The monster who did it is long lost. 30,000 silver pieces
  4. A reworked crown of silver, gold, & semi precious gems made for a much smaller then human head. 30,000 silver pieces worth.
  5. 60,000 silver pieces worth  staff made from brass, gold, & some weird unknown metal many scholars have speculated that it might be casting out weird radiations. None of the wizards of legend have found these energies. 
  6. 40,000 silver pieces of  gold coins with the cast heads of a forgotten queen whose name is key to opening a forgotten treasure vault. 
  7. 30,000 silver coins worth of a cult's religious vase with some incredibly beautiful work on the piece. 
  8. A silver crown from the deep desert wastelands worth 60,000 silver pieces made from the bones of some forgotten monster of legend. 
  9. 20,000 silver pieces worth of a large holy symbol that is actually the key to some forgotten cache of treasure. 
  10. A 50,000 silver pieces worth of a book made from hammered gold and silver with a cover of beaten blue gold and semi precious stones. 
  11. A weirdly wrought horn of eroded silver dripped from some ancient monster worth 40,000 silver pieces to an alchemist. 
  12. An ancient piece of a machine now forgotten from a Great Race of Yith mechanism worth 70,000 silver pieces of work from a time machine works 
  13. A silver helm with a mechanical head inside worth 60,000 gold pieces from ancient robot of Lemuria's design. 
  14. A sacrificial  knife of obsidian and gold used for cutting the hearts from victims, the knife has a huge diamond worth 40,000 silver pieces 
  15. 20,000 silver pieces worth of a scepter of the old kings that actually activates a hidden war machine. Worth more to the right collector. 
  16. 10,000 silver pieces worth of weird mechanism pieces that actually form the workings of a strange weather control machine 
  17. 40,000 silver pieces worth of a curious mechanism of gold and semi precious metals, that is actually the head for a sonic weapon 
  18. A gold and silver crown for an ancient queen that is actually solidified diamonds cast by some ancient unknown process worth 60,000 silver pieces. 
  19. Giant golden penis shaped key made to fit an ancient mechanism for one of the channels of lava that flows beneath Atlantis. Worth 20,000 silver pieces to the right collector.
  20. A silver rod of adamant & brass that unlocks the ancient vaults of a king but nothing is in there. Worth 50,000 silver pieces because of the legends and history that surround it.  

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