Thursday, November 3, 2016

Commentary On The Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter For Your Old School Campaigns!

There is something immensely appealing about the weird,primal transcend, and utterly strange setting of the Operation Unfathomable adventure.

Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter is still on going & so far its been pretty successful.  Writer and artist Jason (The Dungeon Dozen) Sholtis is someone whose work, ideas, and dungeon ecology has always appealed to me as a DM. The kickstarter is starting to wind down over the next six days & its been one of a handful I was really following closely.From mere dungeon crawling adventure  to fully realized campaign setting this is one of those weird settings that really appeals to a lot of OSR & DCC  style gamers.

"I wrote OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE originally to be a one-off adventure and for utility as a convention scenario. As such, the gloves were off both in terms of danger level for player characters and the campaign-changing potency of the enchanted treasures they might run off with. Going against my own advice, I used it to start a campaign. Four years and hundreds of game-hours later, the campaign continues (and is still fun). As every DM knows, there is no substitute for play when it comes to breathing life into a setting. I believe the Underworld of OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE has that lived-in feel precisely because it has been explored extensively at the table and its secrets probed by a number of minds sharper than my own (I have awesome players).
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have."
 - Jason Sholtis  "

What I personally like is the wide variety of weirdos that the author and his crew have brought to the adventure setting:"Enter a crossroads of Underworld civilization where combat is only one of the options (and often not always the wisest!) for dealing with its denizens. The PCs can make a temporary truce with Blind Antler Men or forge an unlikely alliance with the minions of Nul the Mindless God!"
I also like Jez Gordon's artwork & the attention to the dangerThous and deadly strange of the world of Operation Unfathomable. This is going to be one of those mega dungeons that the players are going to be talking about for years to come;"
Near-Endless Adventure: Enough NPCs, encounters, and areas to explore to keep a campaign going well beyond the initial scenario" That too me says lots of ultity beyond the sale price of the adventure. Plus it looks like a bit of work has gone into Operation Unfathomable

But from all accounts time is starting to run out to get on board & that means that your not going to get time to climb on board the weirdo train of Operation Unfathomable after it leaves the station.

So far I've really enjoyed the Hydra Collective's works and this does look like its going to be any different in my humble opinion. Given the number of OSR talents they've got on this one I think that they've got te makings of an OSR classic. So now is the time to get on board and start taking a journey down the primal laden pathways of Operation Unfathomable!

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