Sunday, November 6, 2011

Musica Universalis- Actual Play Sunday Part 1

She wasn't in tonight's game! 
This was tonight's sound track ! 
Tonight's game was with 7 players & most of them were pre-gen's I made in the afternoon. The players chose between astronaut, scientist, & adventurer .
Taking my cue's from the training chapters of  The Forever War I equipped the party with  mining exo-suits & had them run into a number of  random encounters planet side.More about the  The_Forever_War Here 
Sort of like this but without the weaponry. They had laser flash lights, cutters, mining sensors, & a shuttle !

Random  Seti 5 Encounters Roll 1d10 
  1. Pocket of Ice Gas Flammable 1d6 damage 
  2. Ice Elemental 1d3 hit dice very angry 
  3. Radio black out 1d10 rounds  sit tight 
  4. Psy crystal beasts random telepathic impression, thoughts, & illusions 
  5. Strange tracks in the ice. Insect like & strange 
  6. Random radio burst. Strange buzzing voices heard only lasting a second or minute 
  7. Snow beast tribe. With a 40% of attacking if hungry 
  8. Claim Jumpers 1d20 members in armor & shuttle! 
  9. Ice Worm ( Use Stats for a purple worm) 
  10. Remorhaz 9 hit dice

    Once the party got its bearings & we had supper which was a home made pizza, wine, &  home made bread. Then I sprang the mi go on them !

They came in fast & hit the party hard! Very hard. The reaction from the players was instant & scrambled for the shuttle faster then anything. After 3 rounds 2 of them bit the dust! The suits took most of the damage for the rest of the party.
"What the hell are they?"
"We need to get back to the shuttle F---ing fast"
"The get the lasers on them!"
"These things are nasty!"
All of this was music to my ears as a Dungeon Master

They had no idea what the were fighting, who they were fighting, & what was happening.
 They made it from the shuttle to the space station just as the attack really got started!
This is where I ended the game!

Few notes : 
  1. I used AD&D rules instead of the regular Human Space Empires. I mostly wanted to use something a bit more solid  rules wise 
  2. The players were surprised how deadly these creatures are 
  3. The material from the Buck Rogers Rpg  HARD WARE  book which uses AD&D 2nd edition as its base worked very well 
  4. Play was smooth fast & very deadly 
  5. Lots of fun & more next Sunday! 

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