Sunday, November 13, 2011

Musica universalis -Actual Play Sunday!

File:The music of the spheres.jpg
We were  waiting to eat some roast beef, mashed potatoes, & green beans with a bit of wine. It looks as if there will be some death & mayhem in the grand metamorphosis 1st edition tradition
Our sound track was 
Mercury, from The Planets
The players were downright panicked as the mi go began to really began to pore it on. All seven died ghastly against the weapons of the Mi Go. They lost the shuttle that they were on & things went from bad to worse.
There was a smoke break & all seven players went out just before desert!
These folks had know I idea what was about to happen!
 Well we've just had a TPK & now the game can truly begin! The characters will be waking up inside their cloning tubes! Same characters with some mutation additions!

I'll  be picking the mutations unbeknownst to them
There will be a few pure strain humans among them. They're of the genetically locked variety
Looks like I've got to stop here for tonight because one of my players has got to work in the morning at 4 am. The game was devastating but good! I'm going to be using the official James M. Ward timeline & doing an overview arch for the time line within Human Space Empires giving a totality to the history of this campaign.
Things I have a feeling are going to be going something like this next game!

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