Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Caskets Of Im'waso

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They are the prophet's caskets, the unknown mysteries, & the unwanted treasures. Hand made by ancient alien hands. These works of art have turned up in the remotest's corners of the multiverse. Yet the telepathic  message back from them is always the same.
"Your heart's desire" 
Each time a casket has appeared there have been major events in The Human Empire's history. It is said that the first appeared in the shadow years leading up too the first Atomic Wars on Earth. A carefully preserved data disk from those days points an archaeological study done at the time. It is important to note that 2 of the glyph on the sides of the locking mechanism are order,harmony, & its twin in chaos & disorder.  The left & right hand glyph are also different indicating preservation & extinction.
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It is believed that the caskets are the products of the Im'waso created billions of years ago. Each box has a focused version of the super science power alter reality. Depending upon the wish 1d20 random years are lost from the character! Subtract the number of years from the character's constitution stat. 
Each time this item is used there are unexpected side effects which manifest around the user! 
Random Side Effects Roll 1d10 
  1. A strange wind blows around the user filled with 1d6 rot grubs 
  2. 1d6 unique orifices sprout across the user's body & begin to sing their praises to the gods of the Outer Darkness 
  3. The user gains sight beyond. The user must make a saving throw to avoid  the terrible vision from beyond every round 
  4. A planar demon manifests & then begins to shadow the user 
  5. Strange sounds & random power failures happen around the user sometimes at very critical times 
  6. The user has a reflection in the local time space continuum & the hounds of Tinalos notice him 
  7. The user gains the stench of the grave 
  8. Animals & people turn on the user unnerved by his brush with the beyond! -2 on all charisma rolls 
  9. A minor familiar comes from the Outer Darkness to "serve" the user 
  10. The user is turned into a spawn of the Outer Ones & is taken away to dance around the throne of Azathoth. Roll up a new character 
Anyone opening the casket will view its "treasure" & power source. The essence of an Outer One locked into an energy matrix within the folded & enclosed space of the chest. Effects are up to the dungeon master!

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