Friday, November 18, 2011

Cool artwork from this guy! Here

The players had their first run in tonight with a Mi Go brain fighter & the automated hive ship. They came across a colony on LV 768 & were about to go into trade with planet.
There was no answer from the planet & lots of ruins across the red landscape!

The game was part mystery, part psychological drama & lots of action. They had decided to abandon the last planet infected with "Dust" move on to greener pastures.
They were contacted 3 weeks prior to hyperspace jump with a job & trade.
When they got there the only things they found were blood & sand. 

 The colony lay in ruins & they found three very curious things 
  1. Tracks of an unknown insect species, large 
  2. The atmosphere was full of trace gases of unknown type. 
  3. There was nothing on the planet accept the foundations of the colonies

     They went to investigate & were attacked by a strange group of fighters with very little in the way of  organic life forms.
    The fighters dogged their ship for the entire night & they finally retreated 

The players are now regrouping on the outer edge of the star system & trying to figure out what to do next!

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