Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blade Runner Homage called XXIT

I came across this on Io9. It looks like a real homage to Blade Runner. To be honest with you folks it made me want to break out my copy of Cyperpunk 2020. I love the short & it does a great job of portraying a strange little San Francisco that might be an alleyway someplace in the world of Blade Runner. Its nice to know that this type of future can still interest me even in a small way! 
The Blade Runner-style visuals of sci-fi short film XXIT look like a million futuristic bucks, but cost a fraction of the typical Hollywood budget.
The film, embedded above, was shot digitally on a Canon EOS C300 camera by Stargate Studios, which earlier designed visual effects for The Walking Dead and Heroes .
XXIT’s plot revolves around a beautiful “BioClone” from the future who travels to San Francisco to rescue the humans whose DNA she shares. The short film’s acting may be standard issue, but the visuals point toward a promising future for low-budget sci-fi. The crew shot the production on the streets of San Francisco using six handheld cameras that cost $20,000 apiece.
A behind-the-scenes clip, below, demonstrates how to construct big visual effects while working with a relatively affordable (by Hollywood standards) handheld camera.

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