Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sex Rippers Of Traslom 9 - A Human Space Empires Encounter

A simple distress signal comes in! 
The party finds a very recent wreck in space. The entire inside of the 23 cruiser is a meat locker with walls smeared with blood. There are bits & pieces of corpses floating in with. Several strange surgical tools float in the enclosed space. The atmosphere is slowly leaking. There is a single neat pile of sexual organs left behind! 
A single macro recorder's light is blinking & the video is very weird & very bloody! 
There are no survivors & yet there is a scraping of bone or claw against a nearby bulk head! 
Suddenly a springing of someone or something right over your shoulder! 

File:Sommer, Giorgio (1834-1914) - n. 11141 - Museo di Napoli - Strumenti di chirurgia.jpg
There are whispers around some of the space ports in the Pirate Sectors about missing ships. There are places that man wasn't meant to go. Rumors persist about the Sex Traders. A group of  reptile  like aliens that steal entire crews passing between the stars. 
File:Fabricius instruments.jpg
Often the only things left behind by these groups are carefully created surgical instruments made from semi precious  metals & stones.

The traders themselves are believed to work in teams of 12 because the number is sacred to them. What is done to the crews so rendered down is unknown but it is assumed to be for some abominable rites. Many  pirates refuse to speak about these being all together for fear of attracting their attention. 
The entire bodies are completely rendered down. There is very little left behind except for the sexual or reproductive  organs. These are left behind in a ritualistic or symbolic manner. 

File:Pare instruments.jpg
There are those who insist that these strange aliens operate strange black market body  part  markets for themselves & others of their kind. Their ships gather in strange temporarily formed space stations.These stations are magnetically & hermetically sealed together. As soon as one encounters them they break apart & flee! 
File:Trepanation - feldbuch-der wundartzney.png
Those recordings of these aliens which have survived are brief, bloody, & the suffering of the crews are horrible!

It is speculated by many scientists that these creatures use a form of  stealth field which occurs naturally. They're hands are quite human but other characteristics are as yet unknown. They remain a mystery.
File:BioGamer Girl Art Alien.jpg
No. Enc.: 1d8 
Alignment: Inimical 
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 8 (4 vs. primitive weapons)
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: claws 1d6 or tale blade for 1d10 
Morale: 8
Part way between cephalopods & reptiles are these humanoids & not very much is know about their culture or society. They have been raiding ships on the borders of Human Space for centuries. They use a wide variety of light bending Chromatophore cells to mimic the invisible & hologram super science powers. Their level of technology is about human level but specialized in the direction of  drive technologies, magnetic control, & advanced medical techniques. 
 They attack with claws & a specialized tale blade which is surgically sharp. They operate on humans & near humans with little regard to anything resembling morals. Their tools are created within the human hand's use if a bit clumsily. 
Traslom 9 is where the monsters were first encountered & only a blurred image remained of these humanoid surgical manics. They have a series of cartilage & bone like structures which may be collapsed allowing them to fit into very tight spaces. These warriors have little fear & will attack without mercy & regard to their own safety. 
Green Marauder 
Tonnage: 70 
Length : 100' 
Width: 75' 
Crew 6
Armor class : 7  
Drive: Reaction Less :1 
Fold System : 2
Talon 1 cloaking system enabling  firing while cloaked 


  1. Gruesome stuff, man. The pictures of those old implements alone!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I've been meaning to use the pictures for some time but then I had a dream & this is the result!


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