Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Trade Cargo Cruiser Booty! D30 Table

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Random Trade Cargo Cruiser Booty! D30 Table
  1. Semi Precious Metallic Fabrics From Tau Endri 8 Worth 200 credits 
  2. Fuel Rods of Nimbus Three Worth 400 credits fully charged 
  3. Animal Mutant Slaves Worth 1000 credits in the right port 
  4. Fire Jewels 400 credits 10% chance of being cursed! 
  5. 3 Box Mind Spices 500 credits 20 % of  mind worm infected 
  6. Imperial Tapestries -detailing the history of the human empire. They holographic trace a person's family history as they stare at it! 700 credits to the right buyer. 20% chance of blood curse showing a person's doom! 
  7. A rare chest of  Singing Carbuncles - Sing of a person's future on a 10% roll. Worth 400 credits
  8. Chest of Silver Dreams - A strange gaseous life forms whose defenses have a euphoric reaction on humanoid life forms. Worth 450 to the right buyer 
  9. Miniature Castle of Hope - A rare collectors item of  The Human Empire - The holographic figures show the current court going through their motions. The figures change with each new person or appointment. Worth 350 credits. 
  10. Chest of Rare Gold Pressed Latinum -Worth 800 credits to the right buyer. 
  11. Letters of Passage For The Holder against the Human Space's Inquisition. Worth 300 or priceless to the right buyer 
  12. Mind Jewels Of The Grand Nimbus - A set of 18 identical mind jewels that belonged to a long dead million year old civilization. Each jewel contains the life essence of the non humanoid life forms allowing one to experience life as one of their prominent life citizens. Many insights may be gained!  Worth 800 credits 
  13. Map of The Food Worlds of Azael - The genetically superior food stuff of the humanoid Azael. Worth 900 credits the Azael were very close to humans! 
  14. A Small Star Ship model - This very detailed model of a ship isn't a toy at all but a miniature ship in micro form. The user must bond with the item for it to grow to full size. Crew's 4 Worth 700 credits if you know the key phrase 
  15. The Cryptic Lock - No one has been able to unlock it. Legend says that the treasure shall allow one to live in comfort & have immortality. Priceless some believe that the gods have allowed this cursed thing to cause chaos among Human Space 
  16. The Thrice Blessed Chest. - This chest always seems to contain 2 treasures one good & one bad. Those who complain what they receive from the chest are given the chest's blessings. A telepathic message of blessings which will not be quieted except by a successful saving throw 
  17. Dabrian Shadow Puppets - These unique shadow puppets will perform on their own. They shall re-enact any  piece of history the user asks for. The puppets however have a price. They will collect 1 constitution point for each piece of a person's life that will effect the fates of those whom the user knows. 
  18. Fruit - 24 metric tons of it 
  19. Frozen Body of A Princess in Cryo - 20% she is so nasty & abrasive that her family won't want her back. 30% that a minor royal will begin dogging the characters.30% of her trying to take over the character's adventuring group as leader  700 credits & up. 
  20. A thermonuclear device - Used for mining. Clinically depressed A.I. 600 credits if you can sell it 
  21. Party In A Bottle - Its A Trap! A micro fusion trap device has caught the party & its shrinkning them even as they are trying to figure things out! 
  22. Silver 2 tons of electronic grade wire - Worth 560 credits 
  23. Small glow green orb - A malevolent green orb 10,000 credits one hell of a tip 
  24. 2 robotic droids slightly used. Astro mech droid many nav. charts - Tall golden protocol droid. Should be sold as pair - Worth 800 credits because of battle damage 
  25. 20 tons of Triticale Worth 789 credits must check for Tribble infection 40% 
  26. 15 Identical skulls - Eyes glow with planar light. Strange planar energies. Worth 200 credits to the right collector 
  27. Ancient Earth Glass Bottle Etched With The Words Coca-Cola. Men will kill for it, people will venerate it, in other words its priceless 
  28. 300 cases of  Earth Wine. The Atomic Vintage - One of the last true cases of wine from before the atomic holocaust . Worth 500 credits 
  29. Cargo Of Hyperspace parts 13 tons - All brand new. Worth 600 credits 
  30. A Deck of the Imperial Tarot   - 2334 tons of them! 
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