Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pirate Booty Of Orbit - Low Orbit Skimmers Of The Human Empire Encounter

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Dropped from orbit from the dizzying heights of planetary space these low orbit skimmers are the hall mark of engineering & comfort. Hundreds of Skimmers are loaded for transportation aboard a space guild ship.

Each of the ships & passengers are packaged with cryo gas & inertia gel as well as strapped in. Then taken to to their destination then dropped from orbit. The skimmers are auto piloted through atmosphere & psi computer controlled. The pilot takes over as the skimmer enters the atmosphere & glides her to her destination.
Many of these skimmers make tempting targets to pirates & the scum of the universe.
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Many outfits are now using single celled security drones to dissolve any unwanted intruders aboard the skimmers! Using the latest in Rover security technology these creatures have foiled many attempted high skyjackings, ransom situations, & much more.
Single Celled Security Drones
No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
Morale: 9
They may attack & envelop their prey. If enveloped they may stun or dissolve depending on their programming each dissolve attack will do 1d3 points of damage per round. 
File:US Navy 040804-N-7512V-032 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the First Battalion of First Special Operations Airborne Unit, Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan, perform High Altitude, Low Opening (HALO) jumps.jpg
Mercenary pirates jumping aboard skimmer! 
For those who do get aboard a Skimmer there are dangers. The limited amount of weaponry that may be taken aboard & the random loot that might be found. 
Random Pirate Booty Skimmers Roll 1d10 
  1. 2000 credits & some minor jewels 
  2. Alien Computer ware (100 to 1000 credits on the open market) 
  3. A rare find! Curse alien jewels 300 credits but spend it fast 
  4. 200 credits & a pass key for a high liner or galaxy space cruiser ! 
  5. The identity of a minor lord ! 
  6. A space princess 
  7. Rare archaeological specimen
  8. 1d10 random jewels 
  9. Something really odd (roll on appropriate matrix)  
  10. Minor demon in the form of a rare piece of jewelry ! Worth millions if you can sell it in time 


  1. Cool! Not directly related but maybe interesting: in Scott Westerfield's Risen Empire novels, solider's are dropped/shot from orbit in essentially man-sized bullets filled with a gel (as are their lungs) to protect them from acceleration--and the sudden decceleration at the end. ;) This is used as a means of getting troops planet-side.

  2. Thanks for the comment & I'm going to be using something along these lines in tonight's game!


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