Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday night -Actual Play

Finally got the party out of the field of asteroids & moving to the other side of the hyperspace corridor that the party wrecked quite a ways back. On the other side the party encountered wild space cows.
They encountered several things on the other side.  First was a seven world system orbiting a rather cold little star. There was one E type world followed closely by a strange series of worldlets & lots of asteroids. Most of the system was claimed by mining concern that they've been battling with.
A simple recorder announced to them which mining concern owned the planet. They blew that to smithereens.
I had them encounter an ice world but rather then simply allow them to land & such the world was protected by Dust  Get it free here

A few things happened : 
  1. They're brand new fighters almost got turned into toast 
  2. Super science powers only work when the npcs don't use an Interocitor
  3. Space Cows can easily tear their stuff apart as well as meteors
  4. Not all space armor is created equal & you shouldn't buy it from a weapons smith named Shifty McClean 
  5. Once again their reputation made things happen badly.  The party had a reputation as brutal space pirates, feared space pirates at that. They caused all kinds of harm to the system & it was the little guy who was suffering the most.
  6. Something is eating their space cows & some of their minor bio clones of cattle. This does not bode well for the party. 
  7. There was evidence of space pirates & herders a long time ago but only wreckage in the system. 
  8. Something grabbed their most powerful character's mind & used the super science power mind bar to keep them from messing with their base. Then lit one of their fighters on fire with psychokinesis. The player wasn't happy. The dust has made matters very complicated for them to penetrate the planet!  
    What's eating their heads of space cows? Moo ?! 

    Old USAF fighter left over from after the atomic horrors of Old Earth  converted for  space cow herding
So now I've got the party nervous, their "powerful" artifacts & powers are useless. They're in a new region of space where folks have heard of them & their blowing stuff up! I'd say my work is done for now

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