Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeff Dee's Kickstart Poster! Update

So Jeff Dee the famous artist from way back in the halycon days of  TSR has had this this kick start project on going! Old news by now in the OSR circles to be sure but . He's got something new up his sleeve! Anyhow look at the video to see what he's doing. I'll wait
See Here
He received permission from Wizards of The Coast to do this!
The new art work is fantastic
Jeff Dee copy right 
However should Jeff reach 6000 he's going to create a poster!
From Facebook  from Jeff himself :
Great idea! Tell you what: if my Kickstarter funding reaches 6000, I'll make a color poster-sized print of Horus available through DeviantArt :)
Another suggestion came from Mick Leach : Mick Leach  another thought might be to do a collage of all the new Egyptian stuff the poster looking like papyrus would be excellent and bright colors like tomb wall deco or living colors..either way would be excellent.
You need to check out his new Horus The Avenger its an amazing looking piece!
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