Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Market Black Friday Items

Random Items From The Intergalactic Underground For Human Space Empire  Roll 1d10 
  1. Hold Out DISINTEGRATOR-  9 shot 1d10 damage 600 foot range. This hand held weapon uses a micro particle reaction on a infinitely small planar level held within a suspension field. The device only lasts 1d3 years though as the energy eats its way through the device. 750 credits 
  2. Appliance/Assassin Droid -This transforming droid takes on the appearance of any intergalactic house hold appliance up to the size of a house hold disintegrator (refrigerator). The droid is armed with 1d4 random weapons listed in the Human Space Rule book. The droid will function as the appliance until it can remove the target & any witnesses!  2000 credits per rental 
  3. I Robber Droid - A planar technology touch screen tablet 5 inches long by 2 inches wide. This device has a malicious planar demon bound into it & installed. This creature grants +3 to all engineering checks connected with piracy, robbery, breaking & entering etc. The demon whispers capers & dark deeds to the owner at night. 890 credits 
  4. Star Ship Tools & Bypass kit - A regular set of star ship tools with a difference! A set of electronic trips & bypasses is has been built into each tool granting +2 repair & star ship engineering rolls. 500 credits 
  5. 15by15 Set Of Instant Star Ship Fuel - Universal mounted cans  of Instant Star Ship Fuel for emergencies. 12 cans 600 credits 
  6. Alphatorian Gun Locker - This locker contains 1d10 random weapons from the Human Space Rule book! 9000 credits. They will good weapons but random
  7. Hand Held Plasma Blade -An alien relic designed plasma blade that has been mass produced. Instant White hot cutting death at your finger tips doing 1d10 damage for 24 minutes of operation. Rechargeable with any ship's drive!  950 credits 
  8. Unself sealing stem bolts - These stem bolts look exactly like the regular variety except that they will unseal with the proper radio signal. Star Ship panels & the like "mysteriously" unseal. 300 credits per 100 pounds of these plus 110 for the remote. 
  9. Disassembler Missiles - Come as a set of 4 with mountings & launcher. These missiles do 1d10 damage per strike & do an additional 1d6 points per round as the nanites do their work! Each missile is fitted with a 1 light year drive system & a micro planar dot reactor.. These missiles break down everything including organic & inorganic material. They work a bit too well& on a roll of 1 they work normally but take apart their target as a grey goo. They will not work on planetary targets. 
  10. Union  Planetary Buzz Saw - A  three man 9000 foot high vechile that acts as a siege weapon. Armed with a quantum plasma neutro Blade system this weapon does 1d20 points of damage per round. The weapon is further armed with 2 anti personal terra watt planar spot lights which do 1d10 damage with in a 2000  yd range. The planetary buzz saw has a 100 point force shield that allows the spot lights through it.
    There is flying floater version of this weapon as well that uses a contra gravitic drive system. It moves at 170 mph & is armed with standard laser cannons.
    The entire set up is powered by a Riggs & Stanton mini fusion reactor. The cost for renting the buzz saws is 4 million per cycle & 12 million for the floater/flyer version

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