Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are We Devling Into Mysteries Not Meant To Be Known !

The Experimenters Of Uglutuat


No. Enc.: 1d6
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)

Travel between the stars is hazardous enough but some of the most ruthless pirates are those seldom seen. The Experimenters Of Uglutuat are a microscopic viral collective race that is obsessed  by humans & near humans. This group of organisms didn't evolved in the blackness of some distant star but within the Atomic shadow of the nuclear wars of the Earth.
 They have conquered several Earthlike worlds within Human Space itself but seem to be expanding their grasp. Oftentimes they start as a simple illness & begin conquest from within. They begin to change RNA & the DNA of the host to better suit their needs. Often times seemly random changes are done to the host. 
They are interested in the various super science powers of the human species. Strange random effects can happen that will be later revealed to part of some sinister design by the telepathic organisms. 
 The micro marauders will telepathically communicate with their host.They will describe in clinical detail the process that is being done to them. 
Below is a random chart of some of the effects that have been encountered. Please feel free to create your own.
Random Alteration Chart 1d10 
  1. -1 Dexterity as your eyes begin to see strange colours from beyond. The sights are incredible but ordinary tasks become a problem 
  2. Extra Digits - There are strange alterations in your hands & feet that are simply not standard. They make fitting into ordinary clothing interesting 
  3. The Pain - There's something happening & all of your rolls are at -2 for 4 rounds as pain like a hot needle sears through your brain 
  4. Brain Being Rewired - Your mind & thoughts are being rewired to some weird end. Random thoughts from strangers enters your mind. Gain a level of the super science power telepathy but its not under your control ... yet 
  5. Empathic Overload. - You can sense everything in the universe. Everything & its enough to drive you mad! Make a saving throw every 2 round to regain sanity 
  6. Internal Pumping Rearrangement - Uncontrolled Flatulence which in space isn't a good thing Information here
  7. Fungus implantation- A strange red green fungus appears on your arm  that roll 1d6. 1. Allows energy emission 1d8 damage, 2. allows the Spocery guild to find you, 3. Creates very realistic holograms . 4. A space transmitted STD has infected you. 5. Generates an atmosphere. 6. This is another organism that is at war with the  Experimenters Of Uglutuat 
  8. Extra organs are appearing within you.Purpose unknown, gain 1d6 pounds 
  9. Strange mandibles appear on the sides of your mouth. You can now taste color & news print 
  10. A pair of antenna appear on your head. They are the sexual organs of another alien species & highly offense to the general public. Time to wear a hat ! 
There are several super science treatments available to get rid of this life form. They are expensive, dangerous, & involved prolonged exposure to dangerous radiations that may kill the victim. Any alterations done by the  Experimenters Of Uglutuat  will remain without expensive surgery. Since the  Experimenters Of Uglutuat are a viral collective they may well be aware of their colonies being destroyed & seek vengeance. Caution is advised when dealing with these mutated collectives  


    1. "a microscopic viral collective race that is obsessed by humans & near humans"

      Isn't that always the way? Why won't these collectives leave us alone? ;)

      Good stuff, as usual, man!

    2. Thanks for the kind words but somehow I don't think that one ever will. That's actually the Influenza virus & the collective is an evolved version of it! Stay tuned more distress from the far corners of Human Space Coming up! Thanks for the comment!


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