Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 Super Science Powers That Might Save Your Character's Life

Illusion of The Erotic - This level one super science power pulls a sexual fantasy or incident from the target's mind. The target must make a saving throw or be caught in a dream world illusion of their own creation for 1d20 rounds. They will only exit this world if attacked or harmed in any way! 
Claws Of The Beast's Burden - This level 2 super science ability creates a deep state of  apathy & empathy within the target. The victim will be in such a state of disgard for anything they will see the other person's point of view as well as their feelings. There is a +3 for all charisma rolls on the target. The victim is allowed a saving throw. This power may last 1d3 months on the target with repeated uses & applications 
Sword Of  The Mind - The user of this 4th level super science power creates a blade from within the depths of their very soul. The blade is +1 on all attack rolls & functions for as long as the power is with use. It may damage planar creatures however if the user should lose concentration the blade vanishes & this power may not be used for 1d3 rounds! 
Faery Maze - This 5th level super science power summons a group 1d30 of  planar creatures of  1 hit dice each who will come from the realms of the Outer Darkness to carry their target away. The target is allowed a saving throw but will be carried beyond the lower dimensions themselves. The target is allowed to make a charisma roll at the beginning of the next game to see if they provide the creatures with enough amusement to let them go. Then they have to find transport back to their world! 
Rattle Of The Outer Darkness - 4th level super science power.The user is able to reach across the cold voids of space to the court of the demon sultan himself. A wild cacophony of flutes & chaos of the hells of  the spheres themselves assaults the target. Unless a saving throw is rolled the target is lost within this maze of music, madness, & chaos. The power lasts 1d4 round 


  1. These are some interesting Super Science Powers. You've really done a lot of great work on this area of the HSE game in particular. How have these played-out in the game?

  2. They played out rather well actually. The Sword Of The Mind was gotten by our astronaut who used it extensively until... he rolled a one on his intelligence! The planar demon took his throat he's playing another clone of that character!


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