Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oactusrilla - The Terror of Alphtronica 9

Oactusrilla - The Terror of Alphtronica 9 
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 8 
Attacks: 3 
Damage: 2  1d8 claw attacks, acidic vomit attack 1d6 per round 
Morale: 7

There are some places wasn't meant to go & Alphtronica is one of them. The world is dotted with the remains of buildings & strange twisted little burned out wreckage. As much as can be pieced together atomic weapons were responsible for the destruction. The creators didn't die without leaving strange twisted life forms that had been fused within their warped imagination. The Oactusrillas are 15 foot tall living relics of their creators imagination. What their original purpose was is unknown. 
They attack anything that comes within their turf  & they are relentless . The creatures live off of a wide variety of lifeforms & since they have a primitive triple stomach system they can in fact live off for a while at least the silicate rocks & shrubs found on the planet's surface.
For some unknown reason the creatures are drawn to the twisted ruins of the planet. They nest along the underground tunnels & byways. There have been suggestions that these creatures are all that remains of the planet's original inhabitants. These twisted mockeries are the descendants of those poor fools. Many dismiss this as spacer's dreams & spin whistle. 

The monsters attack with powerful claws capable of ripping apart most hulls on space craft. They attack with those wicked claws - 2  1d8 claw attacks are blindingly whipped at their target. This is followed by an acidic stomach attack from 1 of  their stomachs. The acid begins to break down the flesh & inorganic parts of the prey. The creature's powerful beak finishes the job as any remaining bones are cracked open & the contents swallowed.
 The monsters seem to have the remains of a tool using instinct & will rip limbs from native trees to use as clubs. They are deadly cunning when chasing down prey & using problem solving tools to build bridges & enclosures. 

Oddly they smash any remaining artifact technology that they find. The creatures come together only to mate 4 times a year. The mother gives live birth to the  baby which matures within 4 months. Many of the monsters have been used in various galactic games. They make fearsome  gladiatorial  monsters & have become a crowd favorite. These monsters use an unusual tactic within the arena. They mimic the words uttered by their prey in a strange sing song manner. The creatures continue to do this even as they hunt & kill their prey. The effect makes those facing them have  a -2 penalty on combat rolls. This behavior has never been seen in the wild.  
The brutes fetch about 400 credits for the juniors & adults just entering sub prime age about 200 credits. The training of these creatures is expensive but the crowds love them. 


  1. Thanks Bill I'm just starting to really get the stride for nasty! There will be more & I made this one just for you! Know you love your simians!


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