Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shady Sam'rrizzi's Intergalactic Repo Service & Institute

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Are you down a couple of credits & need a fast note or are unemployed? Are you looking for the career of a lifetime? Want a life path of excitement?
Then boy have we got a job for you!
Shady Sam'rrizzi's Intergalactic Repo Service & Institute
We're looking for you! 
Not just a job, it's an adventure."
In Just 12 Weeks We Can : 
  1. Teach you the Code Of The Repo Men 
  2. Be ceretified in Intergalactic Traffic Laws & The DSV codes & laws throughout known space & local star systems 
  3. Learn How To Render Down A Space Craft To The Frame In Under 2 Hours or Less 
  4. Be your boss & set your own hours in the wilds of intergalactic space!
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Repo Space Craft Table Based On Commission 
  1. Battle Cruiser   90,000 credits 
  2. Galaxy Class star ship   80,000 credits 
  3. Battle Star 100,000 credits intact 
  4. Civilian Cruiser 1,000 credits 
  5. Troop Striker 2200 credits intact 
  6. Wartime Defense Fortress 50,000 credits 
  7. Far-range Heavy Peacetime Explorer 30,000 credits 
  8. Outer-System Dreadnaught 40,000 credits 
  9. Intergalactic Medium  Super-Eliminator 63,000 credits 
  10. Dimensional Heavy Support Fortress 77,000 credits
Random Space Repo Encounter &  Reaction Table  Roll 1d10

  1. Spacers out for a joy ride & behind on their payments. Instantly chaotic & ready to fight 
  2. Ancient Aliens that have taken over the repo & yet are looking talk perhaps 20% of payment 
  3. Explorers behind in their payments. 30% chance of them being space pirates 
  4. Space Pirates with a fake repo from a rival clan!  Will fight 
  5. Rival Repomen looking to fight. They have a cherry repo in their possession 
  6. Radioactive Heavy Strategic Striker with a heavy repo on it! Don't look in the cargo hold. Pilot is crazy but social 
  7. Alien Battle fortress heavy repo but infected with various parasites 
  8. A cult has taken over a battle station with a good repo on it. They have armed the station but want to talk about their religion. 30% of fight 
  9. Escaped criminals in a classic space craft. Armed & Dangerous! 
  10. A group of strange adventurers including a space princess, 2 droids, a wookie, & a pilot are burning through space. The ride is sweet but has a really nice repo. 40% of fighting 


  1. I'm pretty sure the 1980s movie "Repo Man" inspired more than a few Traveller adventures based on that theme. In fact, I recall having seen a Traveller Repo Man career in some 1980s zine.

  2. I'll have to go looking through my collection of old zines postgygaxian! Thanks for the comments! Stay Tuned More to come!


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