Monday, November 7, 2011

The Spheres of Ugulotulllla

File:Metal Orb Vector.svg
Mi go scientists harvest this nodules from the corpus flesh of the Outer God Ugulotulllla where they grow for 9 years! They grow like fungus upon the being's flesh as it slowly eats the unearthly metal plate that it has rested on for over 2 million years.
 Each sphere is wrestled from the monster's flesh by Mi Go tenders who risk all for these spheres. They are given to their charges in an unholy ceremony of bonding. Each sphere gains a portion of the super science powers of the Outer God who was wrestled from the Outer Darkness in the first million years after the Big Bang!
Each Sphere has the following powers : 
  1. Telepathy 
  2. Zeta Ray 
  3. Electrical Discharge 
  4. Mind Control with a 20% chance of inflicting insanity as the song of Azathoth invades the victims mind 
  5. Monster From The ID 
  6. Summon/Dismiss Planar Demon -Only summons a creature of the Outer Darkness 
  7. Open Nexus Point To The Outer Darkness
    Any being of 4th level or less has a 30 % of gaining the notice of an Outer God Of The Great Darkness each time this item is used & being taken by that God. A saving throw must be made each time this item is used or there is a 20 % of the user gaining a mutation! Each power may only be used 3 times per day. These items are only found in the treasure vaults of the Mi Go

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