Thursday, November 3, 2011

James Ward Update

From the desk of Tim Kask : Jim's "coronary procedure" became a triple bypass on Tuesday. ICU Wed., maybe home by weekend. Prognosis is guarded, but good.
 I am figuring out ways to try to get him out from under all this debt again.
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Up update : 
This just in from Jim's friend: Just a quick update on Jim as of now (Thur evening)...he is still in ICU, but his doctors feel he is doing well . The surgury went well -- he had several large blockages which would almost certainly have caused a heart attack in the near future had they gone unattended. When I saw him earlier today he was still a bit groggy/drugged, but in great spirits and very appreciative of everyones prayers and positive thoughts. Keep it up. At this point, he expects to be in the hospital until Monday or so

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