Sunday, November 27, 2011

Captain America Movie Review & Thoughts


The film follows the classic Marvel & Ultimate universe closely plot wise but in a loose sort of  pulpy writing style. The film actually gives us a good look at Steve Rogers the man who would be captain. They actually make the characters likable & personable in the film. The CGI work is secondary to the actors work here as it should be.

Its not Hamlet but its a much more of an action/adventure/ pulp ensemble here. The story weaves itself with the strands of the other Marvel properties without casting a huge spot light on the other movies throughout. We get to see more of this Marvel universe & its pulpy background  as they are featured through out the film. The action sequences never overwhelm the picture. It moves along at a good clip.
Huge Weaving is fun & his scenes in the film drip with menace & old fashioned evil. The red skull is a scene stealing entity who seems to drip off of the screen.

The film might as well be a love letter to war films & the old Republican serials of the past. This is an adventure film make no mistake about it! There's a quick nod to Raiders in there as well.

 Each of the elements of the film evolves itself into an organic whole. I can't really give too much about the technology away without major spoilers. The designs & concepts found within the movie are major set pieces & elements could be used easily with a couple of White Wolf Games such as Mage The Ascension, Adventure, or any of the Trinity line. Other games games could be the original Marvel Super Heroes by TSR, Top Secret or even James Bond by Mayfair games. There are three things that can be used right off the bat : 
  1. Elements that build within adventures plot wise.Small things play major parts within next week's installment errm adventure 
  2. NPCs should die within the framing of the super hero adventure so that it causes maximum "emotional impact" to the PCs not the players 
  3. Pulp adventure & super heroes go together like peanut & jelly. Not only can this genre still hold interest but its the glue that sucks the players into the world.
    The villain in Captain America is a world wide threat, period. He wants all of the apples & is willing to throw whomever into the thresher to meet his goals but he's brilliantly sadistic as well. 
Captain America pushes all of the right buttons without being snarky or condescending to its audience. The CGI work here isn't eye searing but more tasteful with a hint of pop bang! You get a good solid film with some excellent moments in it.
See the film all of the way through to the credits to the very end both on this film & Thor. They both dovetail nicely into a quick piece that paves the way for Avengers to come!
41/2 out of 5

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