Thursday, November 3, 2011

Space Cow Stampede - Actual Play

The players got their asteroid ship into high gear rounding up 2 separate groups of space cows. The wranglers were put to great use this evening trying to set up metal processing on the ship. Their warrior tried to assist & almost got knocked on his power armored ass! Space Cows aren't small & when their full they sweat out the metals they've converted into a usable form.

The group found a temporary space shack in the middle of the asteroid field. After a number of sensor sweeps.
File:Dawn spacecraft in asteroid belt.jpg

The group sent the cows to snack on the Norstrom mining guild that was operating there. They're astronaut used his abilities to merge with the mind of one of the space cows. Seeing through its eyes, tasting the various metals, & tasting the colors of the rocks, etc. around the creature.

The cows came across one of these just as it killed the cow that almost ate it. The group was able to track down a singal that went back to the battle station hanging out in thought space.

The party was able to gain control of  another other herd hanging out in the middle of the debris field created by them several games ago.
I rolled a 1 on a die 20 & the entire herd stampeded!
The cows devoured everything!
Station & occupants & everything!

The party had to send out their wranglers & their warrior to round up remaining space cows! It took several rounds & in the confusion almost missed another  small probe droid carrying a cargo box. 4 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot!

 The box yielded several surprises!
  1. White box with red ribbon on top that emitted a rather nasty electromagnetic pulse 
  2. A psi drug of 10 capsules 2 of which were missing 
  3. The personal effects of a mining official 
  4. A false bottom - 
  5. A holo emitter the size of a coffee table 
  6. A hyperspace beckon & emitter combo 
  7. A crystal skull of an unknown humanoid reptilian specie billions of years old. 
The electronics weren't damaged in the pulse because there was a thin lead shielding.
The group also learned of another space station 2 light years
Astronaut took the psi enhancing drug which gave 3 super science powers abilities
  • Suggestion 
  • Telepathy 
  • Fire starter psychokinesis
     The astronaut used his telepathy to commune with the skull which explained its origins - A billion year old society whose artifacts were being hunted down by a group of  guilds to exploit the incredibly advanced technology.
    The skull called the astronaut primitive & not useful. It made the super science powers permanent. Allowing the astronaut to be altered more to its specialty as long as powers were used in the service of finding its brothers.
    The skulls are part of a collective & as such the pool of knowledge will overwhelm the mind of a simple animal such as the astronaut

    So that's where we draw it to a close for this evening's entertainment 
    File:Solar power satellite from an asteroid.jpg
    Who knows what other secrets are hiding out in the asteroid field? Tune in next week true believers ! 

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