Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Space Opera Background Trait Table

File:Amor Alien.jpg
"Amor Alien" by Laura Molina, oil, fluorescent enamel & metallic powder on canvas 49 in. x 37 in."

Random Space Opera Background Trait Table  Roll 1d20 
  1. Back covered in an alien mathematical tattoo given to as a child unknown origin & purpose 
  2. 2 extra digits slightly elongated 
  3. Parasite wound on face with acid etching 
  4. Was once involved in a planetary rebellion & still carries rank in that system but no where else 
  5. The child of a planar demon & mother. Machinery breaks down around you 
  6. You are the child of a planar demon of law. Your always on time 
  7. Wander lust for space. You can't stay on one planet for very long 
  8. Best friend was a now outlawed species since child hood. Still talks to him, her or it sometimes at the holidays.
  9. Had this great space craft.. once  but lost in a card game longs to get it back 
  10. Family legend holds that your the special one. Actually your not its your cousin who is. 
  11. You've been cursed by an alien sorcerer to wander the sea of space forever & a day. You sometimes find yourself whistling those strange tunes during times of stress. 20% a cult might want to sacrifice you 
  12. You were found as an infant with  a strange piece of alien technology. No one seems to know what it does..yet 
  13. You are a cultural morphological person. The more time you spend on a planet the more you blend into the local culture. In 1d20 days you might pass as a native. The change is subtle & slow though
  14. You have an alien love child. One there was a brief & torrid affair with the child's mother. That child may seek you out! 40 % of this happening 
  15. There is a strange heart  shaped birth mark on your left shoulder. At times it almost seems like a printed circuit  
  16. You are the orphan from a tribe of primitives out on some outer fringe  world. They will try to kill you if they become aware of you 
  17. You are the figment of some twisted god's dream. He's starting to wake up. Your character has 1d20 days to live. There might be a way out of this talk to your dungeon master 
  18. A group of monks raised you & trained you in their ways. Roll 1d3 1. You know some very cool martial arts 2. These were ordinary monks but you have lots of cool knowledge about various planets 3. These monks have taught you the basics of their incredible mental powers 
  19. Born under a bad star. You have an evil twin out there among the stars there is a 20% your paths will cross & one of you must die then 
  20. Your not actually human but a (insert non human species here) who was transformed into a human. Someday if exposed to strange alien energies you may transform back to your original species. You have valuable insights into human culture


  1. You can use the digital image of my painting, "Amor Alien" on your blog as long as you give credit for my copyright -

  2. Sure Laura! You just did! No problem! Wow Ladies & Gentlemen the talented artist Laura Molina whose work inspired this table!

  3. Your welcome & thanks for making such a great piece of artwork!


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