Friday, November 25, 2011

C299,792 A Hard Science Fiction Kickstart That's Just Cool!

 This is the kind of Kickstart that I can get behind. This looks more inspired by 2001 then Star Wars. Yeah I love Star Wars really I do but there are times when hard science fiction needs to be made. This is it! 

is 299,792 kilometers per second.
is the speed of light.
is about the human drive to explore, to break boundaries, to survive.
C is a new way to experience science fiction, forgoing CGI and greenscreen in favor of homemade optical effects.
is a longtime dream of ours that we are finally making a reality.

Oh look a project that isn't a remake, uses no CGI, has an intelligent female lead, & has a hard science fiction backing with intelligence! Oh My

The ships designs rock. They have an interesting look about them. Not something designed by Marvel but something that might actually work
Proposed Ship Design

Weapon Design
The weapons also have a look similar to something seen in Bladerunner rather then on the W.B. 
Warehouse and Set Designs

Ship Prints Mockup
   The Star Ship is a thing of beauty & simplicity! The type of ship seen again in something like Silent Running or 2001. 
Home Page for this Here

You can find the KickStart page for this project right Here

Face Book Fan page Here

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