Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thor Movie Review & Thoughts

I need to get something out of the way before we begin. Alright? Thor the comic book character  first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962) and was created by editor-plotter Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, and penciller Jack Kirby. These movies aren't the comic book & CGI can't ever match the human imagination for sheer. 
Are you still reading? Thor takes the classic Marvel character & updates it into an alternative universe set "now" within the same Marvel universe as Iron Man, & the rest.  There are comedic moments within Thor but the movie actually seemed well "operatic" The acting was up to par for a Marvel movie as a comic book come to life.
 The range of tie ins with the Marvel universe in Captain America was staggering. The ideas that threaded throughout the movies were: 

  1. The gods of Asgard were alien beings from another planet whose technology & life extension treatments caused them to be worshiped as gods by humans. Clarke's law gets hamfisted throughout the movie 
  2. The frost giants were alien beings whose powers of elemental control were beyond compare. Each of the nine worlds is actually an alien planet with conditions inspired by legend. As a plot element for an rpg campaign this is rather good. 
  3. There were enough items within Odin's treasure vault that could be used for at least three different campaigns on their own Here
The CGI work of Thor was excellent & yet way,way over the top in a candy floss sort of way. There was a huge amount of craftsmanship with the sets & the visuals were well done. The costumes for the movie were breath taking. They were up to Iron Man standards. 
The movie was well done & up to snuff for a Marvel movie. Good Things
  • The movie had a ton of action & comic book moments. There was enough to make 4 sequels there. 
  • The range of tie ins with the Marvel universe in Captain America was staggering.Captain America manages to tie both the Red Skull and Iron Man's technology with Thor's Asgard in a way that I don't think the comics ever have, yet in a way that makes perfect sense
  • There was enough action to keep people's attention. Its weird enough for there to be a massive draw for a second movie. 
  • My criteria for this type of a movie is actually wanting to game within that universe's realm. There are bits & pieces I'd steal but not a lot here to make me want to actually run a game set within this universe. Asgard is already set within my mind's eye.
    4 out of 5
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  1. While I missed some of the more mythological/magical elements that are part of the comics mythos, I think you're right that the more science fantasy elements worked well in the movie.

  2. It was very cool movie but visually very busy as I said. The mythological elements were kept to breezy minimum.Could there have more to the movie but there's going to be a Thor 2 so there will be more stuff. Thanks for the comments & there will be more to come


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