Saturday, March 4, 2023

Hidden Agenda - Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Session Report The Journey Interrupted Session Report II

This session report today picks up with the player's PC's awakening within Soviet space from last session here.  Two years had passed as the USS Ben Franklin made it's in system debut. 
 The players PC's awoken with a start confronting a bunch of the Soviet officials after the intial full blown panic on the players part we got down to it. The USS Ben Franklin ended up on the edge of colonial Soviet space. The PC's were shocked that the local authorities are not only aware of the PC's but welcomed them. 

These Soviet officials were a part of secret project Z6IQ-PHANTOM & they were a part of the Sharashka (Secret Projects) world that had been abandoned over twenty years ago. Allard Electronics are interested in Z5IQ the predacessor project which used psionics and drives to ;"Explore the idea of performing the same feat as the Stoyanov (jump) drive using psychic power. After many deaths and no progress, the effort was abandoned. Now considered to be an absurd proposition, it still has some proponents in fringe journals" The world & it's project were abandoned within the grinding USSP bureaucracy
Macy the group's Jacker dug out films, journals, etc. of the psions opening hyperspacial gateways & dimensional anolomies. And then going completely insane exposed to the realms of hyperspacial madness.
 The crew took on seven cyrostasis chambers containing psions in trade for 400 pulse rifles & ammo. There were questions at the time of the exchange but the trade was made. Then the Ben Franklin left the system in a hurry after two days. The players are suspiscious to say the least. 'Sonny'  Soveli head of operations for Green/Red bratva & his psion asistant  Harri were all smiles & sunshine. 
And the players really started to panic when the USS Ben Franklin  ended up even deeper into the Soviet sector!
'We had one job Sonny what gives?! ' A simple side step operation for the second drop off were the assurances on the Green/Red bratva official's part. The part found themselves being given Soviet clothing & equipment by thier Allard Electronics liason.  The player's PC's found themselves in orbit around a second hand goods planet market run by the Green/Red bratva. The PC's were delivering much needed supplies & food stuffs to the second planet within the USSP former system. 
Certain food production, medicial services, etc. were taken over by the Green/Red Bratva after the USSP abandoned the project. 
The party decided to do a bit of shopping while they were there. This was a step up from the usual mining, & combat. The locals were friendly, very accomidating, and quick with intersystem gossip. 
The party was really interested in the local ruins of the Ancients that were on Bavda IV. There's a theme that runs through our games as the party has dealt with the Tanhauser Gate sessions. We ended here. 

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