Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Zhuki (Buggems) Attack -GW1 Legion of Gold By Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, & Paul Reiche III For Our Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Campaign

Tonight's game session report is going to pick right up from last week's here

The players have started to pick up on the fact that the Terra colony of Horn is in point of fact an old pre Recession  Sharashka – Special Research Facilities location. During tonight's GW1 Legion of Gold game the PC's came face to face with mutated Zuhki buggems at the Jeffton after meeting with the Commissioner of Horn & the mayor. The farm area does a brisk trade in produce & dairy which has been funneled back into the Soviet empire. Recent meteor showers have hidden several incursions of the Zuhki. The PC's met with local agents of the SSB through organized crime blinds who reported that several children had gone missing. The epicenter of this is the Genser Goose Ranch and there have been reports of "monsters" being seen around the area of the ranch. The mayor & his SSB 'advisors' had more intel and were forth coming. 

The SSB agents suspected that it was actually a variation of the Zuhki wolves in the buggem stages. There was a reward of a pre Recession laser pistol. And the party was more then happy with this. The party came down to the citizen  Genser Goose ranch and walked right into an ambush. We lost two PC's during tonight's game to the gas attack made by the menaces. And the party retreated back to Horn after two more injured party members. 
The party has a small tiger team containing the menace while they got thier PC's into surgery to attend the wounds. These were extensive and require hospitization & cybernetic implantation which is going to but these PC's out of commission for close to two months. This is even with psionic and cybernetic implatation but both operations were a success! 

This hit into the heart of the party meant that Steve the player's leader decided to thaw out several new PC's from cold storage. These were generated using the normal Hostile rules & the players wanted to bombard the ranch from orbit. Steve however talked the players out of this option and then decided to pull back the Tigers who had been sent to secure the location. 
The PC's were debriefed and took a shuttle from the Ben Franklin back into Horn's merger space port. And from there a cart was sent out to the farm. The party arrived just in time to see the farmer at the tree line taken by one of the Wolves. A strange mix of alien and insectoid. 
The party decided to hold thier action until they could figure out a plan. And this is where we ended for the evening. 

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