Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Let's All Go To The Faire - Wretched Darkness & Cha'alt Crossover Session Report Two

 The T.E.F. party has been sheltering with a  group of desert raiders on Cha'alt & has been dealing with a rival band of desert raides after a raid by a band of renagade cultists of demon worm worshipers. And it's within this morning's game that I want to address Venger's latest video available here. Recently we began to incorporate Wretched Apocalpyse rpg today.  

Why becauase Chartreuse Shadows is a post apocalyptic Grim Dark fantasy campaign setting. And the party is actually a part from Agents of W.R.E.T.C.H. & then modified with some Cha'alt secrets. 
Cha'alt actually has a lot in common with Dark Sun.Except for the fact that planar doors on our version of Cha'alt swing free. 
Our version of the Cha'alt campaign has Wretched Country rpg  has visitors from the Old West on planet. We're using the Wretchedverse psionics and the supernatural rules with the NPC party having used the Beyond time space gates to get to Cha'alt. 

T.E.F. has been supporting it's tribal elders with 60's weapons & advanced technological advisors. The PC's want to make deep contact with the Wretched Country rpg NPC's. 
What the PC's don't know is that the fact one group of rival NPC's are actually a Western off shoot of the Seven Bastards outlaw gang.
Tthe Cremza’amirikza’am megadungeon is where the Seven Bastards have deep connections. And they also have a gate there back into 1868 from the Wretched Époque's Paris. The PC's don't know the connection.. yet. They saved a man from starvation & dehydration. What they don't know is the fact that that man is Marcus Saint Sabastian a were wolf of dangerous aspect. 

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