Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Hit Squads & Failed Colonies, - Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Campaign Commentary

 This blog entry is going to tie in with this blog entry here.  The streets of Japan are awash with blood as new corporate data has been illegally been 'liberated' from the Soviets. And thier not happy at all. Can your street warriors smuggle it too the right corporate parties?! 


What if the hotest commotidy back on Earth of Hostile is the fact that the Soviets are battling for thier colonies continued existence. What if the Soviets classifed information on the Zhuk lifeforms hit the street. The corporations would be climbing over themselves trying to get that information & thier street hustler & criminal parties would be climbing over themselves to get that information. And this was the basis for a meeting tonight to discuss with my fellow DM's a newer Zaibatsu Rpg mini campaign. 

The idea is that Allard Electronics transmissions have been intercepted by certain mega corporate information brokering houses.The street hustlers got a hold of this info. And now Soviet street samurai & assassins are looking to kill the information quite literally. 
The kosmos68com.wordpress.com/ goes deeply into the state security & spies in this section. 
Is this situation actually far more explosive then the corportations far more explosive then thier letting on?! 
Could the entire Outworld sector be in actual danger as the interviews with General Turov recently  within Soldiers & Sins magazine proports. 
As street warriors are dropping like flies. The streets of Toyko are awash with blood. And this ties in with the Soviets providing the American corporations intel on the menace coming thier way. The real issue is the fact that that the A.I. horrors that the corporations have been afraid of for decades has been encountered by the Soviets. The American corporate entities are afraid of the PR nightmare that could happen if the failed colonial history & abandonament. These failed colony worlds have been modeled   Michael Brown's Afterday Stellagama Publishing's Cepheus Atom.
This plays into the latter issues that we see Earth sector & Clement sector campaigns. 

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