Thursday, March 30, 2023

Dark Wizard Games Mail Call & Fantasy Folder Review

 Just got home to a brand new package that my wife had waiting for me. A kickstarter fufillment from Dark Wizard Games . The modules are solid & we've been looking to expand our range of PC's using the Dark Wizard modules in our Castles & Crusades campaign. 

So one thing about Dark Wizard Games  is that actually pack their materials right. A sturdy envelop with the words' Don't bend' is clearly written on the otherside. Mark Taormino does an excellent job with his Kickstarters. He gets his adventures & projects in on time. And the 'fantasy folders' actually came in on time. So far so good. The fantasy folders are solid construction & easy to use at the table top. 

And while this doesn't seem like a big deal for our group of players this is a very big deal. For our ongoing Castles & Crusades campaigns this is going to be a winner. Folders as presents for the player's character sheets so they don't forget thier PC's. 

Add to this paladin and wizards facing down a demon and you've got a winning recipe for a table top go too. 
The artwork is solid, good construction on quality cardboard, and easy to use with vivid old school eye catching designs. 
And this these are going to fit the table top very nicely. The back features more artwork of this scene. And the artist really nails the OSR fantasy asthetic in my humble opinion. 

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