Friday, March 17, 2023

Review & Commentary On Silvia Clemente's Temple of Flesh For the Wretched Bastards Rpg & Other Old School Campaigns

 "Temple of Flesh - Released (Red Room Store and Big Geek Emporium)

"The Temple of Flesh is a treacherous and unbalanced dungeon crawl by Sílvia Clemente, designed for parties of any level. However, it is not for the faint of heart, as the chances of survival are slim. The adventurers will face not only physical challenges but also the reasonably high chance of becoming a Creature of Shadows, a fate worse than death."

"The Sylvandell forest is home to a reclusive elven community that lives a peaceful life, undisturbed by the outside world. However, their tranquillity is shattered by a sudden earthquake that shakes the forest to its core. The elves soon discover that the quake has caused a monstrous temple to rise from the depths of the earth, looming ominously over the surrounding landscape. To make matters worse, the temple unleashes a horde of dark creatures that begin to prey on the unsuspecting elves. Faced with the looming threat of destruction, the elves desperately need a hero to venture into the temple and put an end to the evil that resides within.""

Silvia Clemente's Temple of Flesh For the Wretched Bastards Rpg isn't for the faint of heart in any way. This is a multi level forty nine page dungeon that's set within the heart of an Elven onclave and it's highly dangerous. Not only are the encounters really well done but the overall dungeon is not something that should be used lightly. 
Even a high level group of adventurers should not take Temple of Flesh off the cusp. This isn't a dungeon in the traditional sense but one that looks like it came straight from the early writings of Clive Barker. And it does fit right into the back drop of the  Wretched Bastards Rpg.

Temple of Flesh could easily be a Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg adventure without blinking an eye. There are five reasons for this. One the adult nature of the adventure. Two the writing is solid and the design of the adventure is deadly. PC's entering the temple of flesh are going to be changed and not necessarily for the better. Four the fact that the temple as an adventure location is going to be the focus of a highly dangerous campaign element. And there's no getting around the fact that this place is a focus for dark forces. 
The temple of fleash might as well be the campaign point for a cult of evil elves and all that entails. This isn't a statement made out of hyperbole but necessarity. The temple of flesh needs to be taken out and with extreme malcontent. 
But is the Temple of Flesh worth your time & money!? Well for four dollars Silvia Clemente has created an adventure location that can and will give your players pause & nightmares. Temple of Flesh is an adult title with all that conveys. And it does it well and dangerously. 

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