Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Amazing Adventures Mars One Off - Tombs of Warfare Session Report

 So I got involved in a totally different end of a fellow DM's game specifically his Amazing Adventures/Victorius rpg Mars game. This is a vastly different Mars game then my own camopaign and uses many of the conventions from earlier eras of  original Dungeons & Dragons. We were adventurers in the employ of a black wizard who was seeking rare ingrediants for lichdom. And of course this was based on Lenard Lakofka's "Blueprint For a Lich" from the Best of The Dragon Volume II. 

So we ended up in the middle of a warzone looking for a tomb & my PC is a red fighting man wearing Panthan armor. And the first random roll on the encounter chart I get is a calot and being in middle of the warzone this is a war dog! Needless to say I got into the fight of my life because this thing is the equivelant to dire wolf. This thing isn't Woola from 'A Princess of Mars' by ERB! Instead this thing is a full on beast being controlled by a handler whose straight outta of Grey Elf's OD&D resources and Doc's Warriors of Mars miniature rules found here! 

Michael Whalen artwork used without permission
So while this thing is trying to eat my face off the rest of the guys are dealing with the calots and the army around them. Needless to say this was pretty intense. And we could be killed any moment. 
Right about then we were in the middle of the warzone. And almost made it too our flier to get back to our employer. This was not a dress rehersial but I'm trying to play catch up with an ongoing campaign. 

On a lucky roll our large block head of a hand to hand specialist rolls lucky and finds the tomb. And we all scrambeled in while taking incoming fire! Our mad scientist rolled dex checks & a fate point to shove the bullets out the door so we didn't have exploding radium shells when we left this place. This tomb stretched far into the Martian underworld as we adjusted the radium bulbs of the place. And this means a slog through a mega dungeon before reaching the tomb of the ancient white Martian vampire. 

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