Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Review & Commentary On "Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil From the Unofficial Canon Project" For the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game & Other Classic Super Heroes Rpg's

 The latest Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil  From the Unofficial Canon Project came across my desk a couple of days back. Shanna has had a special place in my heart because of my wife having the Kazar The Savage back in the 90's. Anyway Shanna finally gets here due here. 

"Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil  From the Unofficial Canon Project"

"It's March, when the spring rains start making the jungle foliage down in the Savage Land really lush, just like Shanna likes it! Thanks to Keith A Kilburn for the writing and James Sarver for the layout work!"

As always, this issue (and all our other issues) can be downloaded from our MP Issue repository!

We dive deeply in the backdrop of  Shanna the She-Devil according to Keith Kilborn: "Created in 1972, Shanna the She-Devil lasted a whole 5 issues before being canceled. Nothing much was ever done with the character other than to pair her up with Kazar in his comic, which lasted 38 issues for being canceled. But she was always a staple of the Savage land stories - anything that dealt with a jungle you could count on Shanna to show up."
Shanna has been tied to the Savage Land & other jungle environs since her inception by classic Bronze Age  Marvel writers & artists. In thirteen pages we get background, history, allies, & enemies with Shanna by the Unofficial Canon Poject crew. 
Shanna really gets her due here as a force within the Savage Land itself. And because she's tied to it due to her resurrection by the land's forces there's an almost classic Swamp Thing like vibe to the character. 
While I've been familar with her as a character & the wife of Kazar there's far more here for the DM to mine. The Savage Land itself could be a perfect origin point for a hero. There seems to be far more to the Savage Land then what's been hinted at within the pages of Marvel. And we get to see far more of this in recent years in Savage Avengers as well as the "Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil  From the Unofficial Canon Project".
If a DM is planning a Pulp or World War II style game there's a lot of information within "Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil  From the Unofficial Canon Project" that could come in very handy. 
But I digress. Shanna herself is a great NPC to use as both a foil or perhaps teacher to a young hero. The amount of detail here really paints the character as far more three dimensional then one would think. Could Shanna be used in other supers games?! Yes & no in my opinion. Because of her resurrection by the forces of the Savage Land she isn't someone that we see leaving this lost land behind. That being said she could easily be both hero or advisor to say the Avengers or other supers teams involving any lost lands. 
Is "Marvel-Phile #72 Shanna the She-Devil  From the Unofficial Canon Project" any good or actually useful?! In a word yes especially for a campaign focusing within the borders of the Savage Land. The focus is well done, the material here concise, and it's not that hard to convert out Marvel Super Heroes rpg stats into other games.

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