Saturday, March 4, 2023

"His Flesh Becomes My Key" Adventure By Venger Satanis Run With The Wretched Darkness Rpg By The Red Room Session Report

 "This is an eldritch pulp / investigative horror scenario for The Outer Presence roleplaying game, suitable for experienced characters.  It works just as well for the 1970s as it does for 2017.  Converting the adventure to your system of choice should be a snap."

"Within the scenario, investigators are hunting a serial killer.  Their friend was leading the case, but now he's disappeared.  It's a spiral staircase of sordid mystery until the final revelation at the end!"

So today was one of those days where little time & weather weirdness means that little time meant that it was time to write an adventure for the on going Wretched Darkness campaign . So instead I backtracked into a favorite Venger Satanis rpg adveture for 'The Outer Presence' called "His Flesh Becomes My Key". 

So why  "His Flesh Becomes My Key"?! There are a few reasons for this first of all 'His Flesh Becomes My Key' is an investigative horror adventure, the second is the savage nature of the 'Wretched Darkness' rpg, and the third is how 'His Flesh Becomes My Key' is put together. These themes are stated straight out of the gate with the adventure intro:"This is an eldritch pulp / investigative horror scenario especially suited for The Outer Presence roleplaying game. A serial killer case opens up before the investigators and leads to something beyond the usual detective story"'
His Flesh Becomes My Key centers around a good cop ", Richard Black and his tracking down a serial killer. Our crew in tonight's Wretched Darkness rpg centers around the Updike Society. A group of friends whose adventures have 'changed them' in many subtle ways. This Wretched Darkness game centered around 'New York City' where else would one find a place of Wretched scum & villainy. And it all begins with a strange snow globe that none of the players have ever seen before. There were seven members of the Updike society and seven representives inside the snow globe. 
And then the phone rang! 
Richard wants to meet with the society to discuss his latest case at the usual diner & never showed up. 
Now a few words about Wretched Darkness as an rpg. 

Wretched Darkness is far more savage in my opinion then many of the other Wretchedverse games. We've got a Loup Garou & Succubus among the party.  A careful search of the dinner patrons for traces of  Black revealed nothing. And the focus back at Black's police department isn't any better. Thier focused on finding the "blood magic killer." The party went to see Black's ex wife Sarah Black in lower Manhatten. Sarah was of interest to the party because she's a Wiccan witch with some subtle power. Sarah wasn't in the original "His Flesh Becomes My Key" but is an NPC I stuck in to have a connection for the upcoming 'Welcome To Saint Cloud ' arch. Sarah Black is from St.Cloud but hadn't seen Richard in months. Thier marriage crumbled because of his work & his obsession with his current case. She gave the PC's copies of the 'blood magic killer' case files. Then the PC's got a phone call from Cecil Slandy Black's  police partner. 

The meeting did not go well as Cecil sees the party as a group of investigative busy bodies. Cecil Slandy did give the players information on Black;"According to Cecil Slandy, Black was a sensationalist, exploiting victims in order to forge his reputation as the man who could catch the Devil himself. Slandy even believes that Black was writing a book chronicling some of his more thrilling cases."
And then the PC's phone rang it was Black and his voice was followed by a gurgling scream & a stream of esoteric nonsense then the phone hung up! 
This is where we ended for this week. 

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