Saturday, March 25, 2023

Review & Commentary A Fist of Blood & Dust by Olivar Tripas For the Wretched Country Rpg & Other Wild West OSR Games

 "The Indians are not yet completely pacified, the roads are still unsafe for pioneers and adventurers of all kinds, and the unexplored territories are full of gold…or bad encounters. In this realm of unknown and danger, a band of misfits – an alcoholic priest, an ancient cult witch, a bounty hunter, a former sheriff, and an Indian – unite to embark on a perilous journey that leads them from the Canadian border to the Rocky Mountains, from the ancestral Indian lands of the Crow people to the heart of frightening and unknown territories. By combining their strengths and knowledge, they attempt to thwart the designs of the one known as the Profaner, a supernatural entity awakened from a long sleep with only one desire: To plunge the Wild West into an era of unprecedented chaos and desolation."

A Fist of Blood & Dust is a a weird western spaghetti by Olivar Tripas (Tears of Belphegor) was the latest adventure to come my way straight outta of the Red Room's vaults.
And the first thing to understand about this module is that it's not a module this is a fully blown mini campaign unto itself. And in seventy five pages manages to cover the gamut of old Western weirdness & horror in spades. The artwork within
A Fist of Blood & Dust is A.I. but it's well done A.I. artwork and it suits the weirdness of the adventure. As the player's Wretched Country PC's get thier necks up into a boat load of horror. With that being said I'm not going to spoilt the plot & horrors of
A Fist of Blood & Dust. A Fist of Blood & Dust is a tightly written adventure that covers it's material & encounters well. The horror is both mundane & external. And the external is nasty & highly dangerous biting into local myth & legend with equal easy. 

A Fist of Blood & Dust really cements the OSR campaign Wild West horror feel as it takes the PC's into it's Italian horror depths. And through the whole of it's rich encounters, complex NPC's and depths of it's plot. There's a lot to deal with within A Fist of Blood & Dust & it's a great addition to the growing Wretch Country product line. Do I think you should pick it up?! Hell yes if your looking for a very different OSR Wild West themed horror adventure then A Fist of Blood & Dust is for you! 
A Fist of Blood & Dust is a highly stylized Italian horror adventure with a solid block of encounters, good writing, and more. 

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