Sunday, March 12, 2023

Hi Tech Ninja & Assassination Raids - Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Campaign Commentary- Session Report Two

 Let's pick up where we left off here. So we've been toying with the idea that back on Earth is the fact that the data from ten years ago is finally reaching Earth from our other Hostile party of 'adventurers'. The data from Allard Electronics  is causing all kinds of issues for our gang of criminals. Kaizu our blind street samuari masseuse/hitman did a number on the Takama gang in a daring daylight one man raid. The dice were with him today. He managed to recover some of the terraforming technology data that the Soviets had shared with Allard. A rival corporation having this data could be catastrophic to Allard & it's partners. 

Meanwhile the rest of the gang got hit by hi technological ninja. And they just barely managed to survive by escaping thier safehouse. And then they managed to survive by blowing it up to cover thier trail frying all of the ninja inside. 
They gang made contact with thier bratva contact & made in roads to switch to thier new safehouse. Here the PC re equipped for that night's raid

 The terraforming technology comes straight from
the here.

The street war went on as our 'heroes' went on a full blown hit raid against the tanaka corporation who had ordered the hit.Thier hacker shut down power for one block and then the team went to work! We lost two of our warriors on the raid as they got taken down by tasers & shot gun blasts. The rest of the teams fared much better and burnt the corpes of thier comrades so they couldn't be traced back to Allard Electronics. 

Nexttime we pick up out in the Soviet sector with Michael Brown's Afterday filling in for our failed colony that we'll be visting in the Hostile leg of the game coming. up. 

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