Monday, March 6, 2023

Assassin War On Old Mars - Bandit Turn Around - Old Mars Mini Campaign Set Up - Hyperborea Rpg & Warriors of the Red Planet -Session Report Two

 This session report picks right on from where we left off here last time.
The interior of the palace was wall to wall vines & the party had the serpent men on thier behinds. They made thier way into the interior of the ruined palace keeping an eye on the lit doorway that they had come through. 

The players had gotten their copies of Warriors of the Red Planet from Big Geek Emporium over here. 
The interior of the ruined palace was a weed choked mess. The party got ambushed by a couple of poisoned serpents. The fighters made short work with some lucky rolls. And then the party wanted to see if they could find harnesses and equipment. 
What they found instead were bandits! 
They got another surprise on the ruined palace's interior as they came face to face with a party of bandits led by a psionic. 
Our party's own psionic didn't led on what he was and played dumb. The party found out that the bandits were working for the serpent men. 
They wanted to sell the party into slavery back to the serpent men for both slavery & sacrifice. Needless to say that didn't happen. The party freed themselves with knives hidden in belts. And throats were slit. 
The bandits are also part of the rogue assassin's guild and not a part of the network of 'honorable' asssassins. The party didn't leave a single bandit alive and took thier metal harnasses undecorating them as they went. 
The party took any monies that the bandits had and took thier mounts as well! Now the adventurers are still on the run from the serpent men & moving fast as they can back to civilization with the ruined palace as market for exploration later on. These serpentmen are mobile, humanoid, and highly dangerous. The majority of the nest that the PC's escaped from are 2nd level fighters led by a  seventh level Sorcerer of the Black Circle.
The party came across a village 20 miles away after a two day hard ride. They were expecting treachery & they got it. The village welcomed them but it turned out to be the bandit's base of operations. What happens now?! Tune in next week to find out! Alright so the village already felt off & going with the Lovecraftian theme I 'borrowed' the 
 Flying Buffalo's Wilderness Encounters 100 pg Bonus book with the Lamia encounter. This time the village is actually the projeney of the lamia living outside of the village & using it as a base. The village are actually 'Great Old One' worshippers near the polar ice cap of Mars. 

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