Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Girl, The Dungeon, and the Succubus - Original Dungeons & Dragons Eldritch Wizardry Supplement III And Castles & Crusades - Session Repor

 Last night's Castles & Crusades game run by my buddy Steve had a definitive Original Dungeons & Dragons Supplement III Elderitch Wizardry connection. I was playing a fighter who was send in with a team to save a small child. Little did we know what we were getting into. 

The baron's daughter had been playing down by the local river and had stumbled upon what she thought was a piece of jewelry. What it was was something far worse. This little innocent had stumbled upon a demon's amulet. And then the little child went missing. 
This is where we were called in. And things got very interesting very fast. Nearby the baron's manor house was a dungeon. It seems that the baron's relatives weren't exactly the mild upstanding sorts. 
The ancient line of Baron von Ruffles had been using some very unsavory tactics to gain wealth and fame. And now little Elsa was suffering for it. The dungeon location was actually an old cult headqaurters and we went straight into a place that had been a portal to the Abyss.
And little Elsa was waiting for us and we had to deal with two packs of demon possesed dire wolves and a bunch of demonic rats. 

But what really almost took us out was a rather innocent looking door that was actually a giant killer mimic! We battled that thing for a long while until we retreated and then used burning oil to take it out! We swore that there was a clock ticking someplace on this and busted into the former cult headquarters. Elsa wasn't home & instead we had a full blown succubus waiting for our party. We knew going in that that this wasn't going to be easy. And brought in two clerics high level clerics from the temple of light. Our group took some hits but we had wards preparred. And this was an uphill battle as we took down a pack of Vrocks. We had seven players and things got ugly as one of our fighters got taken to the Abyss! After over an hour of game play we knocked out Elsa and then things got bad. We had to hold back the forces of darkness and perform an exocism on the kid. She managed to take out two of our number with acidic vomit but we saved the kid. And gain back the amulet even as the demoness swore revenge on us. 
The amulet is now the problem & we've brought it too the to the temple of light. OD&D Supplement III Eldritch Wizardry is quite clear on the use of demonic amulets; "Demons' Amulets: Demon Princes maintain their vital essences in small containers — their souls, so to speak, are thus at once protected and yet vulnerable if some enterprising character should gain the amulet. Demons' amulets cannot be detected as such by any magical means, and they do not otherwise appear unusual in any way. The device need not be with the most powerful Princes, although the lesser demon lords typically need to carry theirs on or near their persons. Possession of an amulet gives the possessor power over the demon to whom it "belongs" for the space of, for example, one adventure, and never more than a day (24 hours). The amulet must then be returned to the demon — or it can be destroyed and thus condemn the Prince to abyssment for a year (and he may return thereafter only if summoned). Use of an amulet is very, very dangerous. Possession of one will double chances of calling the attention of another demon, and any demon not controlled by the device will immediately attack the person possessing such an amulet." 

So we're not taking this matter lightly at all. Our party is re equipping and meeting next week to deal with that dungeon. We saved the girl whose gained psionic abilities as a result of her brush with the dark forces. And we've got an NPC/cleric of light watching over her. We hired her, checked on her creditentials, spoke with fellow sisters of light at the temple. No DM Steve we know how you tick. 

There are several things bothering us as experienced players about Elsa and the Baron's family. How did this dungeon stay hidden for so long. Where are the caretakers of it & more importantly whose runnnig this demonic cult now?! We're going back to that dungeon & we want answers! I'm coming into this campaign blind and playing a fighter whose got an agenda. So why isn't DM Steve using the Tome of Corruption? The truth is that I don't think he owns it. And used a supplement from his own collection and to throw us off a bit. This is all fine but that dungeon is getting cleared and that cult will be exterminated! 

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